DJs Steve Aoki and 3LAU are still betting on NFT to reshape music. Here’s why they think their value will hold up after the current crash

Steve Aoki is off to New York City in the Sprinter-van tour bus when the Zoom call comes in. The famous DJ stammers on his iPhone, brushes his sweeping black hair, and greets younger friend and collaborator Justin Blau, aka 3LAU. The two are eager to talk about a technology they say will change the … Read more

Blockchain promises economic and business prosperity

In this article, information about the blockchain and its promises of economic and business prosperity is mentioned An increasing number of Economic and commercial prosperity In India it is combined blockchain technology In their operations to enhance efficiencies and address a wide range of business challenges as blockchain technology is gaining popularity as a way … Read more

The Smurfs world comes to life with 3D NFTs!

One of the most famous and enduring entertainment franchises around the world – the SmurfsEnter the world of NFTs with the launch of their official NFT collection. The Smurfs Society, a group of entrepreneurs, artists, and Web3 experts, is developing The legendary group of the Smurfs Association. This is a series of 12,500 unique NFTs … Read more

Facebook and Instagram Pulling the Plug on NFTs Next Week – Cryptopolitan

Facebook and Instagram, the two social media giants owned by Meta, have announced that they will be withdrawing digital components or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) starting April 11, 2023. In a statement, Instagram revealed that it will begin deleting digital group data in its system, including wallet addresses, and will no longer be associated or associated … Read more

I asked ChatGPT what Solana investors can expect in 2022 and the answer was…

Disclaimer: The information provided does not constitute financial, investment, trading or other types of advice and is the opinion of the author only Solana rebounded well in January, but the Bulls were unable to maintain the pressure Frequent network outages may spook investors Despite all the turmoil Solana has experienced over the past six months, … Read more

Top 10 New NFTs Changing the Face of Its Future

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NFTs, An Emerging Asset Class: Reports

By Bharat Web3 Association What is NFT? NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are unique identifiers for digital art and other virtual assets. They are called non-fungible because, unlike a few other crypto assets, they cannot be mutually exchanged and therefore not fungible. The primary purpose of NFTs is to indicate the authenticity and ownership of assets. … Read more

How NFTs will help drive mainstream Web3 adoption

Source: AdobeStock / denisismmagilov Ken Timsit, is the President of the Blockchain Startup Accelerator Chronos Laboratories And Chronos series.__________ Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are perhaps the most publicly followed hype cycle, with celebrities from Justin Bieber to Madonna dropping NFT collections for their fans over the past couple of years. Without understanding the potential benefits of … Read more