Defying the odds, Kerala woman earns Rs 50k/month from her artworks – The New Indian Express

Defying the odds, Kerala woman earns Rs 50k/month from her artworks – The New Indian Express

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THRISSUR: Braving health problems brought on by an immune disorder, this young mother from Irinjalakuda has now become a highly sought after artist and earns an average income of Rs 50,000 every month, just by following her childhood passion.

Darsana Sajeev, popular through the ‘Kukoo’s Nest’ Instagram page, started making paintings for home decor about two years ago when she was pregnant. As the pandemic crisis deepened, she had to leave her job in Dubai. After giving birth, she was diagnosed with ‘Graves’ disease’ as a result of thyroid overproduction and she went through serious health problems that even affected her confidence. But, overcoming all her challenges, Darsana decided to recover for her little baby that changed her life forever.

“I loved colors and painting from childhood itself. During my higher education, I attended a 10-day workshop on mural painting. This helped me follow my passion when I needed it most,” she said. The Butter Krishna, a mural on a wooden plaque that can be used as a tapestry, is the young artist’s fast-moving craft. Although Darsana also used to do canvas painting, nowadays he is working in other mediums such as wooden plaques, wooden stools and home decor products.

“When I started this as a time pass, I used to have time to be creative and come up with new ideas. But now I’m doing more commissioned work that gives me little time to explore more. But I always strive to bring out my best in all products,” she added.

In addition to painting, Darsana also teaches art online, which earns her a good income. “I was never after money when I started to pursue my passion. As an artist, she had struggled in the early days. Some art that sold in the early days would have made more money now. But I only thought about my peace of mind instead of income generation,” she said. But as she gets more and more inquiries, Darsana feels happy and proud and she doesn’t want to go back to her previous job in the metropolitan city.

“When I am immersed in painting and crafts, I am happy and enjoy it. I can also spend my time with my two-year-old son. I don’t want to go back to the stressful days of a corporate job,” he added. Darsana plans to soon establish an art studio as a permanent location for his works. On December 3-4, she will host an exhibition at Kaloor Stadium, Kochi.

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