5 Warnings To Buyers From Former Burlington Coat Factory Employees

5 Warnings To Buyers From Former Burlington Coat Factory Employees

Burlington Coat Factory had its beginning in 1924 as a wholesale retailer of ladies’ costs. In 1972, they opened their first store in Burlington, New Jersey (hence the name), with a focus on affordable brand name outerwear for the whole family. In more recent decades, the store has evolved into a more versatile discount department store, which is why it is now called simply “Burlington”.

With more than 900 stores in the US, it’s on par with other discount retailers like TJ Maxx and Marshalls. And just like those other stores, you can get some really great deals, if you know the smartest ways to shop and what you should never do. Read on to hear warnings from former Burlington Coat Factory employees, from the biggest thing missing from the outerwear department to the day you should never shop.

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Don’t think you can buy fur.

If you’re looking for a real fur coat or want a fur-lined parka, you won’t find it at Burlington. The store stopped using fur in 2017 after animal rights activists organized demonstrations.

“When I worked at the Burlington Coat Factory, used to receive protesters with big ‘FUR IS MURDER’ signs on the corner every weekend,” noted Twitter user @strattonsr. Despite the real meaning of such signs, people kept coming in looking for fur. Guys selling fur? where can I find it?’” they continued on Twitter.


Avoid shopping on Black Friday.

While Burlington is known for its deals, the store doesn’t always have the best deals on Black Friday. But that doesn’t stop huge crowds from anticipating them.

“I worked at the Burlington Coat Factory on Black Friday and it was full. They didn’t even have a sale,” one former employee tweeted. Similarly, last year, a TikTok user posted a video of a insanely long starting line black friday To avoid the crowds, you’ll probably want to shop elsewhere on Black Friday, especially since Burlington offers deals year-round.

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Make sure not to damage the merchandise.

If you go shopping with children and they admire the toys, make sure they are careful. Unfortunately, if a toy is damaged, it is thrown away entirely rather than donated or sold at a lower price.

“When I worked at the Burlington coat factory, we had to throw toys They didn’t get damaged if the packaging got damaged (mainly around Christmas),” @h0neyspoon tweeted. “I asked if we could donate them instead and they said noooo lol.”

Unfortunately, the same is true for clothing. “I worked at the Burlington coat factory during their annual cost campaign, I was cutting new coats (a button is missing…) instead of donating them to their own campaign,” @DizElmo wrote on Twitter. So if you’re trying on a coat or dress, watch out for fabric, buttons, and zippers.


Don’t feel pressured to get a credit card.

Like other discount department stores that offer their own credit cards, Burlington employees have certain sales goals and are taught to ask customers to sign up.

An anonymous Indeed employee explained that the company tracks “survey numbers and how many people can sign up for a credit card.” Another person on Indeed agreed, lamenting, “I understand all the credit card needs, but it was a stressful environment. they make you feel like you’re nothing without any cards at the end of your turn.”

If you feel like an employee is being pushy, they probably are, but remember to be courteous when you decline their credit card offer, as you’re just doing your job.

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Put your items back where they belong.

With stores like Burlington, it’s easy to lose things since there are so many different departments close to each other. But try to remember that if you drop that pan in the shoe aisle, a real person has to come pick you up.

In a TikTok video about working in Burlington, @anahixenciso walks through a highly organized store and says “put things back where they belong.” In the comments, several current and former employees wrote about how messy their stores were and that they often had to stay late to get organized. “We didn’t leave until midnight because of the recovery. the shoe section took longer. Clothes everywhere,” one commenter wrote.

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