Vegas Season 2, Episode 7, ‘Burnt’, recap and spoilers

Vegas Season 2, Episode 7, ‘Burnt’, recap and spoilers

The following contains spoilers for CSI: Las Vegas Season 2, Episode 7, “Burned,” debuting Thursday, November 10 on CBS.

the CSI: Las Vegas the team gets another late night call on “Burned”, which doesn’t bode well given what happened the last time. This one is just a little less twisted: Real estate mogul Elliott Painter and his son Davis have been burned alive in the latter’s home. Detective Serena Chavez is distracted talking to her ex-girlfriend Jocelyn Lozando, who turns out to be one of the first responders. Josh Folsom suspects that Serena is not being honest. And Maxine Roby is still nervous after your previous injury.

Folsom and Allie Rajan find a giant footprint outside, which the house’s security camera matches to a man in a Bigfoot costume. That’s a strange choice of murder costume. But what is more shameful is what they find inside: father and son were immobilized before the fire. This crime is clearly personal, and since Max describes Elliott as “building houses for celebrities,” it’s easy enough to see that someone must have been harmed by one of his dealings. But who? And how did they pull off this strangely complicated double murder?

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CSI: Vegas makes everything personal

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Folsom talks to Roby about the fake Bigfoot before Allie tells them that the fire department is “too understaffed” to send an arson investigator. Max begins to rant about the interim fire chief before asking Folsom and Allie if they can co-lead the case; they agree. As Folsom chooses not to draw attention to Max’s outburst, Allie asks if he’s okay and gets an awkward response. As Folsom and Beau Finado realize the fire must have started on the floor of the house, Max and Serena talk to Elliott’s ex-wife, who explains that he “didn’t mind taking shortcuts to save a dollar. .. Always pay last.”

Max’s son Brian calls to check on him and he’s quickly fired, which is less awkward than coroner Sonya asking Allie if she and Folsom “had something on.” allie correct that they do not before they examine both bodies. Davis was suffocated with plastic wrap, while Allie pulls a tissue from Elliott’s mouth which sets off alarms in the morgue: she has traces of radioactive material. Back at the crime scene, Folsom and Beau determine that the fire started in eight different places simultaneously. They also find an engagement ring. After Serena interrupts to tell Folsom that she’s going to see Jocelyn, the CSI trio organize a Myth Bustersarson evidence explaining that the fire was started by a gasoline leak, and Allie believes the additional evidence could have reached the ceiling when the fire started.

She and Folsom return to the scene and find the stone from the engagement ring, which has skin cells on it. While the DNA tests don’t lead to an immediate match, Allie and Folsom explain their progress to Max, who is frustrated by political pressure to close the case. Folsom is visibly understanding and promises to get answers, but he still has questions about Serena, who she hasn’t called as promised. That leads him to look up Jocelyn on Instagram…and the next day he asks Allie if she’s still friends with her ex. Allie doesn’t want to give him relationship advice. Max also didn’t return Brian’s call, so he shows up at the crime lab to confront her. She offers to take him out to lunch and misses him too. That is deja vu by CSI: Las Vegas fans after the Catherine and Lindsey Willows subplot.

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Killers don’t apologize, but CSIs do.

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Allie finds a crawlspace through which the killer entered the house and snagged her clothes. The presence of asbestos in the thread is explained when Serena shows the team a video of a man named Carlo Rey who led a rally against Elliott against asbestos. He is a chemical engineer who blames Elliott’s malpractice for stage 4 lung cancer, as well as the death of his wife and the illness of his son Micael. Folsom points out that Carlo is too sick to have committed the crime on his own, which leads to an explanation for the Bigfoot team: he was hiding two people.

He asks Serena why she didn’t mention that Jocelyn was his girlfriend for two years. Serena doesn’t like that he’s looking for her ex; when she asks if she thinks she would cheat, he doesn’t answer. Allie overhears the entire exchange before realizing that the DNA on the ring belongs to Carlo’s wife, further linking him to the murders. She and Josh talk to Micael; the radioactive material came from him because he is being treated for thyroid cancer. Allie recounts how one father and son took revenge on another; Carlo has no remorse when he confesses.

Folsom tells Allie that they make a good team, leading her to confess that she overheard his conversation with Serena and tells him not to give up on his girlfriend. “I see the way she looks at you,” she explains, for which Josh apologizes to Serena. The episode ends with Max getting a scolding from Brian, since she never told him that he got hurt; he learned when Beau released him. Max finally admits that he is not okay with her son, who decides to move out and help her get back on her feet. With him there, Max can sleep soundly.

CSI: Vegas airs Thursdays at 10:00 p.m. on CBS and airs on Paramount+. New episodes return on December 8, 2022.

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