Review: Tegan and Sara gave Vic a fantastic night of fan-favorite songs

Review: Tegan and Sara gave Vic a fantastic night of fan-favorite songs

When you’ve been acting as long as tegan and sara have been, you’re waiting for a great demonstration of their diverse and evolving sound. Fortunately, the duo are not one to disappoint and last weekend at The Vic Theater they gave it their all even when a cold threatened to put out a voice or two. Along with Tomberlin, Tegan & Sara were able to provide the worshiping crowd at The Vic with a very fun and special night.

I have been a fan of tomberlin ever since Mirah chose her album for the Joyful Noise White Label series. at weddings which would eventually be released by Saddle Creek is a perfect debut album and since then Tomberlin has only grown as an artist. I don’t know who needs to hear this… is a fantastic sequel and offers a slight evolution of the cuteness that Tomberlin has cultivated.

Despite a sinus infection, tomberlin delivered a magnificent set of songs for the packed Vic Theatre. Starting with “Any Other Way”, a track that is so synonymous with his sound that it didn’t take long to catch the public’s attention. It’s a perfect introduction to his newer songs like “Sunstruck” and “Tap” which was a big highlight of the set. “Touch my heart until I hate myself,” she sings in a beautiful cadence that permeates the entire song. It’s an introspective stream of consciousness kind of song that works really well with Tomberlin’s beautiful voice.

When the time finally came tegan and sara to take the stage, the reverential crowd overflowed and their excitement was palpable. The crowd was surely full of die-hard fans who had probably been checking out the duo’s recent setlists and were aware of what was to come. While this tour is in support of their jam packed Weeping, It’s clear that Tegan & Sara have taken advantage of this touring opportunity to play a little bit of everything. Every album since if it were you (save the rock later hey i’m like you) was mentioned and became such a set of fan favorites that they honestly couldn’t be denied their flowers.

tegan and saraThe sound of has certainly evolved into a more danceable pop approach over the years and it really works on a live stage. However, that didn’t stop the old favorites from fitting in perfectly for the night. “I Bet it Stung” and “Back in Your Head” appeared early in the set, filled with all the familiar lines that have carried over the years, including the latter’s painful closing chant of “I’m not cheating, but I will deviate.” ”. they mixed so well with newer and just as memorable songs like the sizzling “Boyfriend” and “Faded Like a Feeling.”

Throughout the night, the pair’s storytelling skills extended from their songs to their on-stage banter. From discussing her connections to her older songs and Chicago to her new normal in Sara dealing with her newborn. tegan and sara they’re open books and aren’t afraid to share every last bit of them with the crowd, even if it’s an embarrassing coffee spill on the streets of Chicago or struggling with a baby who only sleeps 45 minutes at a time.

The duo explained to the crowd that they always hated all the movement that comes with encores. They remembered doing silly things instead of the typical encore and walking away, but today they were just going to move on. And the crowd was certainly up for that because they were more appreciative. “Calm it down” by The fraud and “Where does the good go?” so jealous were being sung back in tegan and sara. Maybe it’s because those songs are such a powerful example of what makes the couple so important to so many people, maybe it was the crowd helping the couple’s voices that, despite being a little sick, they were delivering. Whatever the case, the vocals came together beautifully before giving way to “Yellow” and the closest set, a remixed version of “Closer.” “All I Want Is to Get a Little Closer” over the darker instrumentals felt like a fantastic send-off to this amazing show.

All photos by Julián Ramírez

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