Templeton High School students donate to CAPSLO • Atascadero News

Templeton High School students donate to CAPSLO • Atascadero News

Students also donated 23 pints of blood in a recent blood drive.

TEMPLETON — The Season of Giving is becoming more than just a season for Templeton High School students. After donating hair in October for children with hair loss, until last Thursday, November 3, when they donated more than 1,000 socks to the Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo (CAPSLO).

Sock drive organizer Kahlea Ramos told the Atascadero News that the students were looking for another way to give back to the community. Kahlea, whose father, Lawren Ramos, works with CAPSLO, knew that some of the most needed items at homeless centers are socks, underwear and toiletries.

For their first sock drive, Templeton High students collected 1,296 socks. Considering that only 76 socks were collected on the first day, Kahlea was surprised when, at the end of the week, her classmates managed to collect more than her goal of 1,000 pairs of socks.


“It’s impressive for our school, considering it’s the first trip,” Kahlea said of her classmates’ efforts.

The socks were collected during the students’ second period class, leading to friendly competition between the classes. But, Amy Fraser’s AP Calculus class won out, collecting 326 pairs of socks.

“I am blessed with lovely students who are generous and generous and care about others,” Fraser said of her students’ efforts.

Fraser’s student in AP Calculus class, Jordan Esquibel, explained a rivalry competition that started between her class and the AP European History class that ended up collecting 296 pairs of socks.

Esquibel added, “The competition definitely got the sock drive going.”

She further explained why the class was inspired to collect so many socks for the campaign: “Talking to each other and touching each other’s hearts and other students…it just snowballed.”

The socks collected will go to CAPSLO to be used in their outreach programs.

CAPSLO Community Services Program Director Lawren Ramos said they are “very, very grateful for this. You never know what a sock will do.”

Lawren further explains that items like socks are often an olive branch used to build trust when reaching people and offering CAPSLO services. The nonprofit organization offers a variety of programs and services to help individuals and families achieve self-sufficiency and economic stability.

“In fact, it’s an honor to receive the socks and be able to take them and serve people in our community who are less fortunate than all of us,” Lawren said.

CAPSLO currently has warming centers open in SLO County during the colder weather. Lawren explains that the nonprofit is always in need of volunteers and donations of various kinds.

Link Crew Activities Director and Advisor Matt Macfalene said of his students, “I’m proud of the students and their ability to bring the rest of campus together to help people they may never meet.”

After the holiday season, Templeton High students plan to hold a canned food drive to replenish supplies at the food banks.

The students continued their efforts to help the community last week when they collected 23 pints of blood on Friday, November 4th. The blood donation campaign was carried out in coordination with Vitalant from San Luis Obispo. Students and staff donated their time and blood to help alleviate the current county and country blood shortage.

Templeton High School senior Chloe Selck while donating blood last Friday. Photo provided

You can find more information about CAPSLO here capslo.org

Featured Image Caption: From left: Calculus Professor Amy Fraser, Evann Moore, Jordan Esquibel, Lawren Ramos with CAPSLO, Ryon Hodgson, Kahlea Ramos, Andi Shorrock, and Kaitlynn Kaseltionis. Photo by Camille DeVaul

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