The Products Doctors Used to Manage Menopausal Symptoms

The Products Doctors Used to Manage Menopausal Symptoms

Menopause It can take effect between the ages of 45 and 55, depending on Dr. Kecia Gaithera dual board certified OB/GYN based in New York. perimenopausethe transition period before menopause officially begins, but egg release is still occurring, can begin as early as your 30s or 40s.

This permanent end of a menstrual cycle can create a lot of hormone it changes and leads to some pretty uncomfortable symptoms, which “can vary from person to person and can include mood swings, vaginal dryness, breast tenderness, and joint or muscle aches,” Gaither said.

There are also other potential side effects that Dr Erum Ilyasa board-certified dermatologist with the Schweiger Dermatology Group in Pennsylvania, said she has witnessed it in her patients and has begun to experience herself.

Aside from the telltale signs of Hot flushes and night sweats, Illyas said symptoms can also present in the form of hormonal surges similar to rosacea and climacteric keratoderma, a condition that results in thickened soles or palms of the hands.

Whether you’re experiencing this normal biological adjustment or just want to be prepared for the future, these doctors gave you some general recommendations for products that can help you overcome the physical and mental discomforts of menopause and perimenopause.

Keep scrolling to find more than your typical personal fan (though they’re definitely helpful) and find articles that can help treat everything from hair loss to sleep deprivation.

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A highly rated tower fan

“For night sweats, I developed a habit of sleeping with a fan on. This works for me as it allows me to enjoy the blankets initially and know the fan is there and on when I need it,” Illyas told HuffPost.

At 42 inches tall, this oscillating tower fan has nearly 30,000 five-star Amazon ratings and produces ample airflow powerful enough to cool an entire bedroom. Choose from three quiet speeds, a night setting, and program timers for automatic shutoff.


A set of refreshing, moisture-wicking pajamas.

“I think there are functional textiles that have cooling and moisture-wicking capabilities.” Illyas said. “It’s reasonable to consider them, since cotton can absorb and retain this moisture.”

This can be especially the case when looking for the right sleepwear to help prevent night sweats. This jogger set from Soma promises to stay cool to the touch and is made with natural rayon fibers that won’t cling to your body. The classic notch neck top and cropped cropped pants are available in sizes XS-XXL.


Salicylic acid foot peel

Illyas said that when people experience thickening of the soles of their feet, there may be a natural tendency to grab a pumice stone or foot file. According to her, this is useless because the calluses will return fairly quickly.

“I recommend talking to your dermatologist and considering topical keratolytics that contain salicylic acid or urea,” Illyas said.

You can also find the same chemical exfoliating capabilities in this web-famous foot mask that contains a powerful combination of natural extracts and acids that work to remove dead skin and smooth even the most stubborn calluses and rough patches.


A supplement for hair growth and hormonal support.

Illyas explained that hair loss and thinning of the hair on the scalp can be common with menopause and that over the counter minoxidil It can help improve hair growth.

This popular scalp treatment, which comes in an easy-to-apply foam, contains 5% topical minoxidil to stimulate hair follicle activity and hair protein production. It has also been formulated with a variety of botanical extracts and AHAs to promote a healthy, exfoliated scalp that is primed for new growth.


An ultra-hydrating water-based lubricant

Gaither recommended using a water-based personal lubricant to treat vaginal dryness. This smooth, pH-balanced lubricant contains moisturizing aloe to enhance natural moisture and keep you comfortable longer.


A strand of cooling insulating pearls

According to Gaither, cooling jewelry can be helpful during hot flashes. Designed specifically with this remedy in mind, these isolated pearls are individually filled with a non-toxic, cold-retaining gel that, once frozen, provides sustained cooling relief for up to 30 minutes. The necklace is made with Swarovski spacer pearls, sterling silver findings and a strong magnetic clasp for easy on and off.


A pack of two refreshing memory foam gel pillows

Gaither also recommended investing in a cooling pillow to help with night sweats, like these gel-infused pillows that are made with shredded memory foam. They’re designed with advanced ventilation that enhances breathability and helps actively move heat away from your body, keeping you comfortable all night.


An intensely moisturizing and comforting skin cream

“Breakouts associated with menopause are in the rosacea category,” Illyas told HuffPost, adding that it’s important to note that hormonal changes can result in increased skin sensitivity.

This fan-favorite intensely hydrating shea-based cream is kind to sensitive and inflamed skin and is also infused with the soothing benefits of colloidal oatmeal and allantonin.

Illyas said she likes to keep her moisturizer in the fridge, as the cool touch of the product can help relieve hot flashes while soothing skin.


An aromatherapy diffuser and an essential oil kit.

In addition to massage and regular exercise, Gaither said implementing aromatherapy could help. Although there are little clinical evidence To support aromatherapy as any type of treatment, many people turn to it as a way to relieve stress or improve their mood. According to reviewersThis highly rated essential oil kit creates a relaxing environment and features a light-shifting diffuser and 10 therapeutic-grade essential oils in scents like lavender, clove, jasmine, and spearmint.


A hands-free neck fan loved by the Internet

Personal ventilators made it to both of our doctors’ lists as a quick, portable solution to hot flashes and their sporadic, unpredictable nature. This web-famous option fits around your neck for hands-free use and emits gusts of wind from 78 vents around the entire length of the fan. Choose from three air speeds and enjoy up to 16 hours of battery life per charge via the USB port.

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