The owner of the salon does everything to make the clients feel beautiful

The owner of the salon does everything to make the clients feel beautiful

“I have shared so many tears with clients in my chair and I am so happy to be able to help them,” says the salon owner.

If you’ve always wanted Rapunzel-like hair, then ‘Hair Extensions by Jessica’ Bradford salon in Bradford can help.

Owner Jessica Aveiro has always had a fascination with hair extensions and their ability to transform not only a person’s appearance, but overall self-confidence.

“I think hair extensions are a great confidence booster and make people feel happy about themselves,” she said.

Aveiro opened her own hair extensions salon in Bradford three years ago, shortly after moving to the city with her boyfriend.

“I’ve always loved the small-town feel of Bradford,” he said. “We plan to stay here and hopefully start a family soon. We love it here.”

After creating a business Instagram account and posting a slew of before and after photos of her work, she started getting a lot of calls to make appointments.

“I had so many customers who were messaging me wanting to come in,” he said. This gave me the confidence to go out and grow professionally and personally.”

She said she never expected her business to take off as quickly as it did, serving clients from all over the area, some of whom go as far as Montreal and the US.

“I am lucky to have met so many wonderful clients,” said Aveiro. “The reactions and emotions I see when I’m done with her hair mean the world to me. I’ve shared so many tears with clients in my chair and I’m so happy to be able to help them.”

The idea of ​​starting a hair extensions business came to her after struggling with growing her own hair due to stress and anemia. Anemia is a condition where there are not enough healthy red blood cells in the body, which can cause weakness, fatigue, and hair loss due to a lack of iron.

“My hair was never able to grow because of my anemia and I was always very aware of that,” she said. “I was in tears when I first got the extensions. It filled out my hair and added beautiful length and color, something I had never been able to have before. I knew from that moment that helping other women with their hair was something I wanted to do. .”

Aveiro regularly had hair extensions installed to add volume and length to her lackluster locks and was fascinated by the various hair extension processes and techniques available in the industry.

She took her courses and training with an extension specialist before becoming certified and learning how to professionally apply and maintain hair extensions. Aveiro would eventually like to take international courses to improve her skills and work with clients who have alopecia, an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss.

Many of Aveiro’s clients deal with hair loss issues that can affect their self-esteem and confidence.

“It’s very important that it makes them happy because it makes me happy,” he said. “I really want to work more with full wig mesh systems and extension methods that help people who have lost most of their hair.”

There are various types of hair extensions and methods of installing them. Aveiro offers nano pearls, micro pearls, hot melt keratin and adhesive extensions. Each appointment can last between 1.5 and three hours.

“The method we choose depends on the person’s lifestyle and hair type,” Aveiro explained. “I always do a consultation to determine what works best for my client and find out what their goals are.”

Aveiro uses 100 percent Remy hair on all of her clients and notes that all hair extensions require maintenance, and anyone looking to install them must be prepared for the investment of time and energy with aftercare.

“As your natural hair grows, we will periodically need to remove your extensions and reattach them higher up in your hair,” she said. “I call this a flex or maintenance appointment. It takes two to three hours of work to remove all 100-200 pieces of extensions and reapply them to someone’s hair. In the end, it’s all worth it because you get natural-looking hair that looks and feels amazing.”

The Aveiro salon is decked out in pink everything from the walls to the chairs and everything in between, including a pink coffee machine and mini-fridge for clients to enjoy a drink during appointments. Aveiro says he has worked hard to create a cozy “escape” for clients to relax and enjoy while getting their hair done.

One day, he hopes to expand his business to a storefront location.

Until then, she is happy to run her business from home and continues to help clients with their hair goals.

For more information on Jessica’s hair extensions, visit her website here.

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