Snoop Dogg launches a luxury scarf collection with his family

Snoop Dogg launches a luxury scarf collection with his family
Broadus Collection/Annie International, Inc.

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Snoop Dogg is nothing short of an icon. the american rapper is known for his endless variety of hits, his many business companies and for his impact on black culture for his unforgettable natural hairstyles and his love for family. Earlier this fall, the father of four’s dedication to his family inspired his next entrepreneurial endeavor.

Snoop Dogg and his wife, Shante Broadus, brought their children together to launch their new line of luxurious silk hair scarves. The idea was inspired by his youngest daughter, Cori, who was diagnosed with the autoimmune disorder Lupus at age 6 and was dealing with hair loss. All the Broaduses supported her by wearing scarves for her hair as well.

In September, the family released their own designs, the Broadus Collection, with six scarves in two sizes. In honor of the release, USA met with the Broadus family to learn more about the line and how they support each other.

When Cori was diagnosed with lupus, it was very difficult for the parents to see our son in pain, there were times when we felt hopeless,” say Snoop and Shante. USA. “We wanted Cori to feel supported, loved and comfortable with herself, especially when there was so much unknown and out of our control.”

The couple added: “We didn’t want her to feel any different, so when she started losing her hair, it was important to us that she feel ‘normal’, so I went out and bought a bunch of scarves to play with. We all quickly started tying scarves around our hair and it became a signature item in our family.”

Cori, now 23, commends her parents for their care during her battle. “My family was always there, supporting me in any way they could to help me navigate the process, accept the circumstances that would affect my life, and come up with a plan to move forward so that my life would not restrict or stop me. diagnosis.”

Broadus Collection/Annie International, Inc.

the Broadus CollectionLaunched in collaboration with beauty powerhouse Annie’s, it allows the trio to be unapologetically themselves as they help find an elegant solution to common hair problems.

“When we began this process, it was important to us to work with a company that understood our community. Annie’s experience in the hair care space made them the perfect partner,” share Snoop, Shante and Cori. “During our first meeting together, we showed them photos of all the scarves we’ve been wearing over the years and explained what colors, fabrics, materials and lengths were important to us.”

the six different options they include a black color and five printed varieties named Camo, Africa, Floral Zebra, Golden Tropic and Island Palm. The main factor in the design process was to make them versatile and avant-garde. “We want people to wear them however they feel comfortable, whether it’s around their hair or around their necks, everyone can find a way to tie their scarf and that’s what we love about them,” explain Snoop and Shante.

For Snoop Dogg, the relationship with his hair is a strong reflection of himself. “I grew up in the ’70s when hair and fashion were essential for everyone, not just women but especially men,” she says. “My hair has always been a reflection of my surroundings. I would emulate the things I saw growing up, the people around me, in my hair. I think my dreadlocks are my favorite. I remember having a conversation with James Brown about not cutting my hair and keeping it long, and those moments impacted my style and appearance.”

Now he and the family are helping everyone embrace what makes them feel good through his line.

Broadus Collection Headwrap Scarf Black, $11.99 via annie.

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