Losing weight requires reducing inflammation; identify and avoid common triggers – St George News

Losing weight requires reducing inflammation;  identify and avoid common triggers – St George News

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CONTRIBUTED CONTENT — Sometimes the inability to lose weight is caused by two factors that are rampant these days: iinflammation and excess insulin.Many studies show links between inflammation, insulin, and weight gain.

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In fact, when researchers inject healthy subjects with inflammatory immune cells, they develop insulin resistance, a prediabetic condition associated with a high-carbohydrate diet. What’s worse, excess body fat itself is inflammatory and promotes insulin resistance, leading to you got caught in a vicious circle.

Adding to this vicious cycle is the impact of inflammation and insulin resistance on the brain: inflammation promotes leptin resistance. Leptin is a hormone that regulates appetite, metabolism, and fat storage. When people develop insulin resistance, they usually also become leptin resistant.

The result? Feeling chronically hungry, gaining weight, and becoming resistant to weight loss.

Finally, intestinal inflammation and intestinal health problems often trigger endotoxemia, when they are toxic. The byproducts of bad gut bacteria enter the bloodstream through inflamed and damaged tissue. gut wall. This triggers high levels of inflammation.In other words, your gut health issues may be playing a role in your persistent excess weight.

The same inflammatory pathways are activated in both obesity and infection. Why?

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Other common inflammatory triggers include chronic stress, gluten, dairy, inflammatory grains (which can vary from person to person), a diet high in carbohydrates, processed and junk foods, lack of sleep, intestinal health problems and toxins. Put all this together and you have a perfect storm for weight gain.

The key to sustainable weight loss is dampening inflammation and minimizing foods that increase insulin, such as ultra-processed foods. It’s more about the quality of the food you eat than anything else plus. People who want instant results may have to be patient; sometimes it can take a while correct your health problems before the weight stops coming off.

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Written by JOSH REDD, chiropractor at RedRiver Health and Wellness Center.


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