An Honest Review of Vivi Naturals Root 66 Serum

An Honest Review of Vivi Naturals Root 66 Serum

Last year, Harvard scientists discovered the biological mechanism by which chronic stress damages stem cells in hair follicles and supports the ideas of many experts about the impact of stress on hair loss and thinning hair. However, stress is only one aspect: the natural aging process, hormonal changes related to pregnancy and menopause, and even the side effects of certain medications can negatively impact hair also. That’s where VIVI Naturals Root 66 Abundance Seruma daily scalp serum for fuller hair appears.

The benefits:

Hair thinning and hair loss can inflict a huge blow to a person’s confidence. After having my daughter, I experienced months of postpartum thinning and my ponytail felt smaller than ever, but good scalp serums (I also combined them with supplements) made a big difference over time. This one falls into that group: it’s inspired by ancient cultures and herbal remedies from around the world and is a clinically proven holistic solution. It’s also a great way to strengthen and smooth your hair, even if you’re not yet experiencing thinning or loss.

The ingredient list is impressive, boasting 24 natural vitamins and botanicals, including the brand’s proprietary blend of nine adaptogens (the main one being the brand’s proprietary Sachitin reishi mushroom extract), biotin and DHT blockers that They help thicken hair and prevent hair loss and shedding. Other standouts include follicle-stimulating caffeine and green tea, and cannabis sativa seed oil, which includes essential fatty acids and omegas that strengthen, protect, and hydrate the scalp and hair. Together, the ingredients work to reduce flaking, itching, and product buildup that also contributes to both.

Main ingredients:

Naturally derived DHT blockers, sativa (hemp) seed oil, Sachitin reishi mushroom extract, biotin, caffeine, and green tea

How to use it:

Shake the product well, separate your hair into sections (can be used on damp or dry hair), and spray the serum directly onto the scalp where the hair is divided for each section. Massage the serum very well (scalp massage also stimulates blood flow) and leave it on. To see results, you need to use it every day, just like you would a brow or lash serum.

The brand actually recommends using it twice a day if you can, but you should start seeing results in six weeks anyway, with full results becoming visible at the 12-week mark. The formula isn’t greasy either (I’ve tried plenty of scalp serums that are), so you can use it on days you don’t wash your hair.

Price/Where to buy: