Upset by hair loss, young man from Kerala ends his life- The New Indian Express

Upset by hair loss, young man from Kerala ends his life- The New Indian Express

By express news service

KOZHIKODE: A 29-year-old mechanic from Atholi, Kozhikode district, ended his life at home, reportedly due to depression after severe hair loss. It was only after K Prasanth’s suicide note was handed over to the Atholi police on Monday that they learned the reason for his death. Investigating officer PK Murali said: “Prasanth had a hormonal imbalance that resulted in hair loss, according to the doctor who treated him in Kozhikode. He was working as a mechanic in a vehicle showroom in Thamarassery and was taking various treatments but nothing seems to have worked.”

According to the suicide note, Prasanth had been taking medication from a specialized skin center in Kozhikode since 2014 for a hair loss problem. Her condition worsened as the days passed, resulting in a massive depression. According to Prasanth, her hair loss problem was one of the reasons why all of her marriage proposals were rejected.

He also mentioned the name of the clinic where he was receiving treatment and also the doctor who claimed to have made false promises to him. He also mentioned in the suicide note that she only had a minor problem with hair loss when she first saw the doctor, but her condition began to worsen after taking medication from the clinic. “Even the eyebrow hair started to fall out, which has completely bummed me out,” she further mentioned. “I told the doctor about this, but he put me back on medication. I also stopped going to functions and meeting friends,” she said.

The family had already filed a complaint with the Atholi police asking for an investigation into Prashant’s death. A complaint was also filed with the rural SP after no action was taken. Relatives complain that the investigation was not satisfactory. At the same time, police say the investigation is ongoing. The investigating officer said that one case of unnatural death had been recorded and the doctor’s statement was also taken. According to the preliminary investigation, no medical negligence has been cited, but the investigation will take place in the next few days, he added.

(Suicide hotlines: Maithri, Cochin: +91 239 6272; Sumaitri, New Delhi: 2338 9090, Sneha, Chennai: 91-44-2464 0050, 91-44-2464 0060, Aasra, Mumbai: 9820466726, Fortis MentalHealth: 8376804102)

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