National and foreign biomedical companies will work together on new therapies

National and foreign biomedical companies will work together on new therapies
National and foreign biomedical companies will work together on new therapies

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Visitors to the 5th China International Import Expo check out an immunochemistry analytical unit produced by Roche Diagnostics.

Biomedical research and development collaborations between domestic companies and global giants to jointly produce innovative medicines and solutions are constantly seen on the site of the China International Import Expo.

Pharmaceutical collaborations highlighted accurate screening, diagnosis and treatment to benefit China and the rest of the world.

On molecular diagnostics for testing and detection of cancer and respiratory diseases, Roche Diagnostics has signed an agreement with several creative companies in China.

The secret to cancer prevention, control, and ultimately a cure is early detection.

The 2030 Healthy China vision places a strong emphasis on the value of early diagnosis and treatment of cancer in decreasing incidence and mortality, and ultimately reducing personal and societal costs.

Roche Diagnostics will launch a non-invasive molecular screening tool for colon cancer in partnership with Wuhan-based Ammunition Life Technology, according to an announcement at CIIE.

Colorectal cancer is now the second most common cancer in China due to changes in diet and lifestyle. About 83 percent of colon cancer patients in China are not diagnosed until the disease is advanced or fatal, as there are no symptoms in the early stages.

It usually takes five to 10 years from precancerous changes to cancer. The disease can be stopped if it is discovered during the precancerous transformation. When treated promptly and effectively, the five-year survival rate, which represents clinical recovery, is greater than 90 percent in cases of early detection.

National and foreign biomedical companies will work together on new therapies

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Advanced diagnostic tools on display at CIIE.

Despite being the gold standard for diagnosing colorectal cancer, colonoscopy has significant drawbacks. Both the medical community and the general public require a basic, practical and non-invasive tool.

One technology that shows promise is molecular diagnostics. Ammunition Life Technology has created a series of non-invasive screening solutions for urological, gynecological and digestive system cancers.

He developed a test method that checks for exfoliated cells in human feces and has two goals for colorectal cancer detection. Clinical tests conducted so far in numerous hospitals across the country have established the technology’s sensitivity at 95.3 percent.

Testing will be more accurate and reliable when Roche Diagnostics’ PCR screening platform is used.

In order to prevent and control infectious diseases more effectively and accurately, Roche Diagnostics and Zhejiang-based Orient Gene Biotech have partnered to jointly develop test tools for respiratory infectious diseases, covering the most common targets such as influenza virus, respiratory syncytial virus and adenovirus.

Early recognition of pathogens by molecular diagnostics can improve the effects and shorten the duration of treatment for respiratory diseases. This, according to scientists, is a crucial weapon in the COVID-19 epidemic.

National and foreign biomedical companies will work together on new therapies

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A tissue staining system, which enables pathologists to provide high-quality critical results to physicians and patients, is debuting at CIIE.

The company has partnered with Changchun-based Sunostik Medical Technology to create customized laboratory solutions that address local clinical needs.

Eli Lilly, a US-based pharmaceutical company, also announced plans to collaborate with two of China’s leading diagnostic companies, AmoyDx in Xiamen and Burning Rock Dx in Guangzhou, to jointly develop and commercialize test kits for thyroid cancer and lung cancer patients who have the RET mutation for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

The world’s first highly selective and effective RET inhibitor, Retsevmo (selpercatinib), developed by Eli Lilly, received approval for the treatment of thyroid and lung cancers in China in September.

China wants to increase the five-year survival rate of cancer patients by 15 percent by 2030, according to Dr. Zhou Caicun of the Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital. Accurate diagnosis and treatment are essential to achieving this goal, he added.

“More and more patients, particularly those with rare genetic mutations, are benefiting from targeted therapy for lung cancer. To improve China’s medical expertise in treating lung cancer, we hope that there will be more precise and effective drugs.” available in clinical settings,” he said. he said she.

National and foreign biomedical companies will work together on new therapies

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Retsevmo (selpercatinib), made by Eli Lilly, was approved in China in September. It is the world’s first highly selective and potent RET inhibitor.

Lung cancer is a popular area of ​​cooperation between multinational companies and national companies.

During CIIE, Roche Pharma and Roche Diagnostics announced a partnership with seven leading Chinese genetic testing companies to establish a lung cancer rare target union in an effort to improve individualized diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer by offering products and pathological diagnostic services in rare genetic targets. .

In China, lung cancer is the most prevalent and deadly cancer, with 815,000 new cases and 713,000 deaths per year.

Non-small cell lung cancer is the most common type of lung cancer, accounting for 85 to 90 percent of all cases. Among them, 3 to 7 percent of patients have anaplastic lymphoma kinase-positive (ALK+) advanced NSCLC, a category whose patients are often young, have a high relapse rate, a high risk of brain metastases, and poor treatment outcomes. treatment. Therefore, the mutation is known as the “diamond mutation”.

“With the advent of new targeted drugs, the efficacy of treatment for these patients has greatly improved. Lung cancer may become a chronic condition in the future,” Zhou warned.

Testing is the initial stage in the development of an accurate medication. A pathological diagnosis that unambiguously identifies the fraction of distinct lung tumors is a prerequisite for focused treatment. An accurate, reliable and fast method to identify these patients would be very useful.

Therefore, the union was created to govern the diagnosis and treatment of these rare targets and to improve patient education in search of more innovative solutions that will benefit a greater number of patients.

Yao Guoliang, General Manager of Roche Diagnostics China, said: “Through this union, we hope to increase our innovation capacity and pool our resources to increase the availability of high-quality diagnostic solutions in China and improve cancer diagnosis and treatment.” lung”. capabilities in China for the benefit of more Chinese patients.

National and foreign biomedical companies will work together on new therapies

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Seven leading national genetic testing companies sign up to join the union at CIIE.

Medical facilities also frequently collaborate with industry leaders.

Headquartered in the United States, Medtronic has strategically partnered with Jiahui International Hospital, the only international hospital designated to provide medical assistance for the China International Import Expo in Shanghai, to advance the development and application of products and services innovative.

Ge Feng, CEO of Jiahui Health, said, “We want our hospital to not only be able to attract exceptional doctors and experts, but also have a collection of leading products and technology to provide better healthcare for our patients.”

“Through cooperation with industry leaders like Medtronic, we hope to establish a comprehensive and innovative health ecosystem to explore innovative technology and develop an international standard health model to provide comprehensive health management and services to patients and their families.” .

National and foreign biomedical companies will work together on new therapies

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Medtronic has entered into a strategic collaboration agreement with Jiahui International Hospital at CIIE.

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