At Your Best Wellness opens in Elk Grove

At Your Best Wellness opens in Elk Grove

At Your Best Wellness held a grand opening in Elk Grove on October 29. At Your Best Wellness is a collaborative effort between nurse practitioner LaTasha Griffin and Dr. Bob Porzio, a physician of anti-aging and regenerative medicine. Their new facility offers a full list of services including medical weight loss, vitamin boosters, intravenous hydration therapy, pre- and post-operative care services, neurotoxin services, fillers such as botox, medical-grade skin care, microchanneling, teeth whitening and more.

Elk Grove Mayor Speaks to Congratulate At Your Best Wellness Owner LaTasha Griffin

During the evening ceremony, guests were served champagne and appetizers. Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen attended the festivities and spoke at the Grand Opening.

“I am so proud of you opening your business in Elk Grove. We are the seventh most diverse city in the United States. I am so proud that you have chosen to invest in our city so that you can invest in all of you (gestures to agglomerate) with wellness and aesthetics that we feel could use more. So all dreams are welcome in our city. When you dream big, you can do exactly what she did and here we are on our opening day. I wish you the best of luck. I look forward to coming here and visiting and learning from all of you. This is what it’s all about, investing in our small businesses. You are the backbone of our community, of all of our small businesses. I am so happy to be here. I am proud of you and can’t wait to see all the wonderful things you do in our city. Congratulations!”

Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen


At Your Best Wellness has a great list of services including medical weight loss, vitamin boosters, intravenous hydration therapy, pre and post-operative care services, neurotoxin services, fillers such as botox, medical grade skin care, microchanneling and tooth whitening.

Their dermal filler injections, which add volume to sagging skin, make your facial features more symmetrical, plump lips and cheeks, and smooth wrinkles and folds on your face. Botulinum toxin, which is also injected, can improve the appearance of dimpling in the skin, lift the corners of the mouth, smooth a square jawline, and decrease neck banding.

Their microchanneling services are designed to stimulate your body’s natural ability to generate collagen, elastin, and other building blocks of healthy skin. Benefits include targeting the signs of aging, helping to heal acne scars and other types of scarring, reducing the appearance of stretch marks, correcting uneven skin tone and texture, and improving dehydration and dullness.

At Your Best Wellness also offers teeth whitening services that help you look younger, reduce bacteria, remove stains and remove discoloration.

It should be noted that the Standard Weight Loss Program includes prescription medications, weekly check-ups, and a welcome kit with a shopping list, meal plan, 30-day exercise program, videos, and support group. The package weight loss program includes everything included in the standard weight loss program plus four weeks of fat burning injections and 2 weight loss IV drips.

Ten different forms of intravenous therapy are offered. Myers Cocktail is a rich blend of fluids, vitamins, and nutrients that promote better sleep, immune support, healthy digestion, deal with jet lag, and increased energy. The Glow Up is a combination of vitamins and enzymes that increase collagen, brighten skin, promote healthy hair, skin, and nails, improve metabolism, and boost antioxidants. After Party helps relieve the effects of a hangover and assists with rapid rehydration, nausea relief, body detoxification, and headache relief. Immunity is designed to support your immune system and increases energy, strengthens immunity, improves mental clarity, and increases overall wellness. Immune Boost is similar to Immunity but aims to strengthen, boost and sustain your immune response while reducing inflammation. Immune Boost increases energy, strengthens immunity, improves mental clarity, and increases overall well-being. Biotin with B7 strengthens hair, skin and nails and helps regulate metabolism levels, protects the heart and promotes brain function. Glutathione aids in detoxification, reducing cell decline caused by aging and stress. Benefits include improving immune function and helping fight disease, reducing inflammation, helping your body break down and eliminate fat, promoting high energy and mental clarity, providing anti-aging properties, improving sleep quality, and detoxifying. and combat antioxidants. stress. Just B12 is delivered via intramuscular injection while helping to increase memory and concentration levels, improve metabolism and weight loss, boost the immune system, improve sleep patterns, and stop certain types of hair loss. Vitamin D is delivered via a 50,000 IU intramuscular injection and helps support your immune system, promotes elevated mood, improves your cognitive health, helps with diabetes and weight loss, and helps with heart health. the bones. Finally, At Your Best can customize an IV hydration drip for your needs! (Font:


At Your Best Wellness sells the best in skincare with Zo Skin Health by Zein Obagi MD. They also have their own brand of At Your Best gummies that offer amazing benefits such as promoting healthy hair, immune support, weight management, increased energy, joint support, digestive support, skin care, sexual health, and support for the thyroid. (Font:

meet the team

LaTasha Griffin, Nurse Practitioner

“Latasha Griffin is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner and Aesthetic Injector with At Your Best Wellness & Aesthetics Nursing Corp located in Elk Grove, Ca. She earned her Bachelor of Nursing from the University of Missouri, Saint Louis. She also has a master’s degree in family medicine nursing. Having amassed over 15 years of experience, including critical care, family medicine, obstetrics, and mental health services, LaTasha has the knowledge to provide exceptional professional care to meet her health and wellness needs from the inside out. Her numerous awards and recognitions throughout her career testify to her dedication to excellence in her field.

As a healthcare professional, wife, mother, and business owner, LaTasha recognizes the importance of providing a safe and welcoming patient experience. Latasha is passionate about making her clients look good and feel even better! She continues to expand her knowledge and education in the field of medicine and aesthetics to stay current with the latest and most effective treatments for her patients.” (Font:

“Hello, my name is LaTasha Griffin and I am a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner and proud resident of Elk Grove. I am so happy to be able to serve this amazing community. Come see our services or just say hello. Thanks for all the support. I look forward to serving Elk Grove and can’t wait to meet you all.”

LaTasha Griffin, Owner of At Your Best Wellness

Dr Bob Porzio

“Dr. Porzio practices anti-aging and regenerative medicine at Young For Life Medical Age Management in Redding, CA, and BodyLogicMD of San Jose, CA. He has a Doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine and a Master’s in Health Professions Education. In addition to Certifications in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine through the American Academy of Anti-Aging, has additional certifications in Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine He opened Young For Life Medical in Redding, CA in 2009. Prior to that, he practiced emergency medicine and saw first-hand the effects of poor health management on individuals and the health care system as a whole. With the desire to offer a solution, he shifted his focus to prevention and maintenance, providing services that not only maintain an aging healthy, but also help clients reverse some aspects of aging using natural methods. birds to successfully achieve and maintain a healthy, youthful state of being. (Font:

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