New Day Healing and Wellness creates therapy and personal care options

New Day Healing and Wellness creates therapy and personal care options

New Day Healing and Wellness in Memphis has a variety of self-care therapy options to help you with your well-being.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — ABC24 is all about keeping you healthy, and with the new year just around the corner, we want you to enter 2023 fully aware of the health and wellness options that are available here in Memphis.

We talked to experts about what you can do to take better control of your well-being, especially since you can’t have one without the other.

The goal here is to be in control of our health and well-being on a daily basis and to understand that there are more options for healing than going the traditional way, to the doctor.

Did you know there are certain therapy options you can get to help with diabetes, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, the common cold, and more?

“It’s more than just a diet. It is more than a lifestyle. It’s about getting rid of the stress in our body, getting rid of the toxins in our body and that overload and allowing us to sleep,” said functional medicine counselor Audrey Stimpson Rosenfeld.

She specializes in ADHD, autism, gut and autoimmune health and says it’s all about balance.

“Health and wellness together is about really taking care of yourself and your mind and body so you can be well.”

Every day, Rosenfeld spends her time educating her clients about the different holistic care and therapy options that are available to help with many types of health and wellness needs.

“Red light therapy helps with the thyroid and it helps with vitamin D, and we need vitamin D for our immune system … especially most of us are deficient in the winter,” Rosefeld said.

Red light therapy also regenerates cells and helps with hair loss and aging. Executive Director of New Day Healing and Wellness, Jasmin Day, and her husband, Dr. Joshua, who has a Ph.D. in physical therapy and has worked in multiple healthcare settings, created a center to meet diverse health and wellness needs. of people of all ages with many conditions, after their first child developed neurological problems.

The couple wanted alternative methods that would not cost an unreasonable amount of money.

They have come up with a variety of therapy options for people, one includes an infrared sauna. Helps stimulate the immune system.

“A traditional sauna can get a little hot and a little uncomfortable, but with infrared, the waves go right into your body at the cellular level,” Day explained. “It helps with detoxification, immunity, relaxation, sleep, anxiety, it’s supplementing the sun that doesn’t come out in everyday life due to working indoors…especially as the winter season progresses.”

Another form of therapy is the hyperbaric chamber… which provides three times more oxygen than normal.

“Your skin, your hair, your nails, from an aesthetic standpoint, your brain, injuries… people with PTSD… we have veterans coming in,” Day said. “They can sleep at night because of the healing they can experience… kids on the autism spectrum… wound healing.”

There is also the salt cabin, which can also help with the common cold.

“Upper respiratory, ear infection, hair, skin and nails, because you’re soaked in salt,” Day explained.

Finally, the floating tank, which is a sensory deprivation tank that can fit two people.

“You’re absorbing magnesium, which most people are low on. That is a great benefit. With sensory deprivation, you are allowing your body to rest, and when you rest, you heal,” Day said.

Along with the different therapy options, there are also a variety of vitamins and other supplements on display that can help with your well-being.

Also, there are different Payment plans that you can choose You do not need to have insurance because New Day Healing and Wellness wanted to make these services easily accessible to everyone.

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