Jameela Jamil shuts down the heroine chic body trend

Jameela Jamil shuts down the heroine chic body trend
Jameela Jamil thinks about the calls

Jameela Jamil weighs in on a so-called “body bias” that she believes promotes eating disorders. (Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

Is the super skinny style making a comeback? Jameela Jamil is shutting down that notion.

the star of the good place36, led to Instagram saturday to share a news of the new york post, which proclaimed in its headline, “Bye-bye, swag: the chic heroine is back.” The article details how stars like Kim Kardashian are shedding weight after previously celebrating their curvier bodies, while slimmer models like Bella Hadid and Kaia Gerber are dominating the catwalk. Although the term “heroine chic” was originally associated with model Gia Carangiwho used heroin and died of AIDS in 1986, is now used as a way to describe the extremely thin body type that dominated celebrity culture in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Jamil, however, isn’t seeing the return of that particular bodily tendency, mainly because he doesn’t subscribe to the idea that bodies should be a trend at all. In the video, in which he appeared on the text of the Mailthe article of , the she-hulk star said: “No, we tried this before in the 90’s and millions of people developed eating disorders. I had one like 20 years. We’re not going to do this again, we’re not going back. Our bodies are not trends. The shapes of our body are not trends. Go to hell.”

In the caption, she added: “OUR BODIES ARE NOT TRENDING. SAY IT WITH ME. I’m starting Not Hungry Chic. Happy Chic. Fuck Chic? Anything but this.

jamil on sunday elaborated on the chic heroin controversy on Instagram in a series of videos.

“They want to look hungry,” he said. “They’re not even interested in you looking like a naturally thin or athletic person. They want you to look like you have dark circles under your eyes, like you’re dying. Like you haven’t eaten anything. You haven’t.” I slept because you are so full of drugs and anxiety trying to conform to their evil and submissive stereotype of is a way of what is glamorous and attractive to them. They want you to stay hungry because if you are hungry, you are too tired to defend your right to be treated as a human being who has the right to exist in any body and live the life you want. It’s about control.”

He also touched on another issue that leads to health complications: the use of prescription drugs with side effects for weight loss. In his video, he talked about how these drugs, including those used to treat diabetes, have dangerous side effects and can damage organs like the kidneys and thyroid. As someone who battled an eating disorder, he reminded his followers that the damage done by extreme weight loss methods, including taking medication, is “never worth it.”

Jamil went into more detail in the title of his post, writing, “I had an eating disorder for a long, long time. I understand the motivation. But we just can’t do this. We can’t be that willing to give in.” patriarchy. We know too much this time, this is not the 90’s. We’ve come too far. We have to defend ourselves. We have to recognize the cause of our insecurities. We have to stop glamorizing F *** ING FAMINE We ​​have to stop putting our health and now the HEALTH OF OTHERS at risk for something as irrelevant as obedient forced thinness.

Jamil is no stranger to talking about body acceptance. In 2018, she started the I Weight social media movement, which encouraged people to talk about the things in their lives that were more meaningful than the number on the scale, or how their body looked. He also criticized stars like the Kardashian family for post about weight loss tools like teas and lollipops on Instagram, which she says can encourage people to develop unhealthy eating habits.

In May, Jamil took to social media to celebrate gaining 10 pounds, after Kim Kardashian spoke about taking an extreme approach to losing weight in order to fit into Marilyn Monroe’s dress for the 2022 Met Gala and Kylie Jenner shared that she had lost 40 pounds after having her second child. She wrote, “Heard Kim and Kylie keep publicly bragging about their rapid weight loss. Well, for balance, I’m bragging that I gained 10lbs. And I love it. Thank you for the delicious food you gave me these delicious breasts.” and thighs.”

He reminded his followers: “If you want to change your body… Don’t lose or gain weight fast for aesthetic reasons. It’s BAD for your health. Your organs will thank you if you take your time. Patience is a virtue.”

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