5 Myths Beauty Experts Want to Debunk About Taking Collagen Supplements

5 Myths Beauty Experts Want to Debunk About Taking Collagen Supplements

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collagen supplements they are famous for boosting nail and hair growth, and improving skin tone and texture, but with so many myths circulating about the ultimate benefits of taking them and whether they really make a difference, finding the real facts can be quite tricky .

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There are five recurring myths that come up time and again about the effectiveness of collagen supplements and which products on the market have real benefits. So we spoke to scientists and nutritionists at MINERVA RESEARCH LABS UK to help us bust some of these myths…

The 5 myths of taking collagen supplements

1. There is no difference between a tablet, a powder or a liquid collagen supplement

Better absorbed by the body and easier to drink, liquid collagen supplements they are more convenient than taking other forms of collagen. Bottled daily dosage liquid supplements tend to be perfectly mixed and give you the exact dose of ingredients in each dose.

On the other hand, powdered supplements can be messy and difficult to weigh, as heavier particles often settle to the bottom of the container and do not provide a consistent daily dose. tablet supplements it can be difficult to swallow, and coatings and bulking agents can affect the proper absorption of its ingredients. “Due to their size, collagen tablet supplements also cannot be guaranteed to contain a large amount of collagen, meaning you would need an additional supplement to get the same dose and receive the same benefits,” says Dr. Martin Godfrey from MINERVA RESEARCH LABS.

He also added, “once absorbed into the body, liquid supplements are much more bioavailable, meaning they are digested and reach the bloodstream faster than other forms of collagen”.

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Gold Collagen Forte Plus The liquid supplement provides an optimal dose of the highest quality marine collagen and other active ingredients such as arugula, biotin, borage oil, hyaluronic acid, vitamins C, D, E and B5 and B6, to name a few. . Delicious and easy to drink, it comes in recyclable glass bottles and is sugar and preservative free, perfect for mixing with water or adding to your morning smoothie. Additionally, 92% of users who tried the product noted an increase in skin elasticity.

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2. Collagen supplements can only help people over a certain age

Fake! Although it may seem that collagen supplements are aimed at a more mature demographic, experts say that we lose 1.5% of our natural collagen after the age of 25. Then, it is recommended to start consuming collagen supplements between 25-30 years as a preventive measure against skin aging and hair loss.

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Gold Collagen Pure Plus The formula has been developed for the first signs of aging and is for people over 25 years of age. This collagen hero will help you achieve more radiant skin, along with improved mood and menstrual balance. After this, collagen supplements can be used as a treatment to improve skin elasticity and reduce lines and wrinkles.

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3. Taking a higher dose of collagen makes it work better

Your body can only absorb a certain amount of any given vitamin in any given period of time, so taking any other than the recommended dose of collagen will not work better or faster. As Dr. Martin explains, “The body’s ability to absorb collagen is limited and a higher dose of collagen does not necessarily mean that the body can absorb all.”

4. The combination of other ingredients in your collagen supplement makes it less effective

In addition to the recommended five grams of collagen, it is also recommended that supporting ingredients be added to any collagen supplement to aid collagen synthesis and prevent collagen degradation. Other ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin C are essential and should be added to any formula to support collagen production and prevent radical damage to collagen molecules.

5. It can take a long time to see the benefits

Depending on the right product and when taken correctly, it shouldn’t take long to see visible results when adding a collagen supplement to your routine. For example, users who took the Gold Collagen Hairlift range reported seeing visible results in as little as three weeks. Additionally, Hairlift users can expect to see over 4,000 new hairs grow in a matter of just a few months!

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