Weight loss during menopause: add delicious condiments to dishes and the ‘weight will come off’

Weight loss during menopause: add delicious condiments to dishes and the ‘weight will come off’

Psychologist and resident expert at sleep tech firm Simba Hope Bastine shared the best ways women can relieve night sweats, as well as ease other symptoms like weight gain. According to the expert, it all comes down to “the quality of your sleep” during menopause.

maca root

Hope revealed that maca, a vegetable related to broccoli, cauliflower, and kale, is highly effective in relieving hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms.

The plant stimulates balanced levels of hormones and can be purchased online or from specialist health food stores in powder form, which can be used in smoothies or hot drinks, ideally before bed.


Adding soy to the diet has been found to be beneficial for menopausal women. Found in foods such as tofu, tempeh, edamame, miso, and soy milk, soybeans contain isoflavone compounds, which have estrogen-like properties.

“Researchers looking at 19 studies found that soy isoflavone supplements reduced the severity of hot flashes by about 26 percent, compared to placebo,” Hope said.

A recent study from the University of Illinois revealed that components of soy can be very helpful in controlling weight gain and that “when soy consumption increases, weight decreases.”

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Foodnavigator experts added that soy-based protein can contribute to “significant” weight loss.

Simply adding delicious foods like tofu, soy milk, miso soup, or soy sauce can help you lose weight during menopause and reduce symptoms.

red clover tea

Red clover may also help reduce hot flashes and night sweats and prevent weight gain during menopause. It can be purchased in the form of supplements or teas.


Chasteberry is another spice that can significantly reduce menopausal symptoms and prevent weight gain and is particularly effective against hot flashes.

The superfood may be especially helpful for those in the “perimenopausal phase,” the period of time leading up to menopause.

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Hope explained that ensuring adequate sleep conditions is essential to avoiding menopausal symptoms, and knowing how to manage hot flashes at night is key. She recommended some easy tips like “switch to a lighter duvet to help keep you cool” or “sleep with the bedroom window open,” weather permitting.

Another trick is to “opt to only cover yourself in bed,” which “could help you better control your body temperature.” With separate comforters, “you can more easily adjust the weight and temperature of the blanket to his preference,” he said.

According to the expert, between 16 and 18 degrees is the optimal temperature to sleep well. To alleviate night sweats, it is recommended to try to reduce them to 12 degrees.

“Try ditching the hot water bottle and replace it with a couple of ice packs before bed to cool down before you go inside,” Hope suggested.

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Menopausal sleep deprivation can exacerbate and undermine your ability to concentrate and worsen other menopausal symptoms.

Hope shared a simple trick for practicing mindfulness: “Start by holding a walnut. Start examining the kernel and shells. Pay close attention to how the wrinkled shell feels to the touch. Take a close look at the shape, its patterns and textures and how this reacts to your manipulation.

“Take a moment to smell the nut. Then close your eyes and smell it one more time. Is there a change? Hold your breath for a second or two and pay attention to how long the scent lingers. Anything with a unique shape and texture It works, but I particularly like walnuts, as eating a handful a day can also help improve memory and concentration.

“A 2015 study found that adults who ate walnuts showed consistently higher cognitive function than those who didn’t,” he revealed.

Meditation techniques are also great for regulating body temperature, improving well-being, and keeping fit.

Practicing a simple breathing technique that women can do anywhere, designed to cool the body, can go a long way.

Hope explained, “Start by sticking your tongue out, then roll the sides in. Think of it as your tongue becoming a drinking straw in the air. Inhale slowly and deeply for five seconds, taking time to feel the coolness of the air.” Air cools your throat and fills your lungs. Push your tongue back in. Hold for a second, then exhale through your nose. Start the process again and repeat for 10″.

Likewise, affirmations can help and standing firm in the knowledge that “This too shall pass” has a way of helping us cope with life’s adversities. “The good news is that once we get out the other side of the shift period, slow-wave sleep improves,” Hope said.

Women are advised to talk to their doctor before taking natural supplements or superfoods.

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