Alexa Bliss’s teenage battle with anorexia, explained

Alexa Bliss’s teenage battle with anorexia, explained

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On a recent episode of Raw, alexa happiness won gold in WWE once again, becoming Women’s Tag Team Champions with Asuka. It is the ninth time he has held a title in his nearly decade-long career with the company. Bliss has always been a reliable presence who can function very well as a face or heel due to his natural charisma and athletic physique. However, that desire for an athletic physique has led Alexa to battle anorexia many times in her life. On two occasions, she even threatened to take her life.


What is anorexia?

Chances are you’ve heard of anorexia, even if you don’t quite understand what it is. Illness is one that begins in the mind and leads to drastic physical changes. Although not limited to, it is mainly seen in young women who have developed a negative body image. They may see themselves as overweight no matter what their weight is or how much they can lose. Your mind will still tell you that you are fat and need to lose more.

To change the unattractive body they think they see, people with anorexia will take drastic measures to achieve quick results. They will starve or eat too little to meet their daily needs and/or over-exercise to the point of endangering their bodies. All of this can have drastic effects on the body, from dehydration, low blood pressure, bone loss, and in some tragic cases, even death.

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Alexa Bliss struggled to survive anorexia


Twice in her life, Alexa Bliss has experienced serious bouts of anorexia. She the first time she came at the very young age of 15 years. The condition became so severe that Alexa’s weight dropped to just 80 pounds and her heart rate dropped to an extremely low 28 beats per minute. The average heart rate for a healthy person should be 60 to 100 beats per minute. Alexa was then taken to the hospital in a very serious condition. “When I went to the hospital, I almost went into cardiac arrest,” bliss bliss Sports Illustrated in 2020. “And they didn’t let me go to sleep, they thought I would die if I did.”

Bliss went through another severe case of anorexia while in college. During his freshman year, he got so sick and his weight dropped so low that his life was once again in danger. Bliss once revealed to the New York Post how extensive your treatment was. “I went through treatment many times. At one point I was on rounds from five different doctors a day. That was my deal to get out of the hospital, which was that I had to see five different doctors every day. I literally spent every day at the doctor.

It turns out that it may be partially hereditary, as both Bliss’s mother and grandmother have struggled with eating disorders. It took a toll on Bliss, and even caused her to become severely depressed.

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Alexa Bliss overcame her illness


So many young women have lost their lives to anorexia, either to the disease itself or to suicide as a result of the emotional destruction it can cause. Alexa Bliss is one of the lucky ones who made it to the other side, even though it took her several years to do so. In its YES interview, Bliss also said, “I take it day by day. Dealing with eating disorders, anxiety, and depression, I am no stranger to mental illness. Every few years, I face a really bad bout of depression. You have to know that it doesn’t have to dominate your life… Mental illness can dictate someone’s entire life. I put myself in a position to be in the public eye, but I’m doing what I love. I’ve been to therapy, I’ve done everything I can to get my brain in a healthy place.”

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“An eating disorder is something that never leaves you, so having that support system is very important,” Bliss said. She tries to be a support system for others, using her celebrity status to not only educate, but also to guide other young women who are going through what she experienced and will always carry with her.

Alexa Bliss survived and he has had a great life and career, but many young women do not. Much of the disease can find its roots in our culture, where it is decided that a woman should look a certain way. Anything else is seen as less than feminine and not beautiful. Anyone can go through anorexia. It can affect a woman who might be overweight. It can affect a woman who is already underweight. It can affect a man who thinks his abs should be chiseled. And it can even affect a woman many see as the epitome of what beauty is supposed to look like. That’s something we all need to remember, especially in today’s world of social media and bullying. No matter how someone looks or doesn’t look on the outside, we are all fighting something inside.

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