2 Trendy, Low-Maintenance Haircuts Every Woman Over 40 Should Consider

2 Trendy, Low-Maintenance Haircuts Every Woman Over 40 Should Consider

Getting the big 4-0 is a huge accomplishment, and what better way to celebrate it than with a fresh new look for fall? We contacted professional hairdressers for two classics, go to and still trendy haircuts that can instantly provide volume to aged hair and maintain that youthful glow and essence at any age. The best hairstyles will elegantly frame your features and will be bulkySo we turned to the experts for more information on two specific cuts — a lob with curtain bangs and a layered pixie with side parting — to help you find inspiration before you hit the salon. Read on for hints, tips and insights from Ghanima Abdullahhair expert and cosmetologist at The Right Hairstyles, gina riveracelebrity stylist and founder of Phenix Salon Suites, and jean willhair expert and co-founder of NiaWigs Inc.

1. Face-framing lob with curtain bangs

Will suggests adding wispy, parted bangs to a classic layered lob that frames the face not only for an overall more youthful appearance, but also to hide any thinning or loss of hair at the crown. “This hairstyle it is perfect for women over 40,” she says. “It’s Will help hide your forehead [and any signs of wrinkling or natural aging] to look younger. It’s it is suitable for women who have thick as well as thin hair. Since this style features bangs that can be worn down or parted down the center, it naturally has the effect of making your face look even more symmetrical, Will notes, and can emphasize your eyes and cheekbones. Abdullah agrees, adding that this cut, which calls for longer, center-parted bangs, “flatters almost any face at any age.” Curtain bangs, he explains, “perfectly frame the face while drawing attention away from serious signs of aging.”

This “type of fringe cut creates a soft, natural wave on top of the head,” says Abdullah, saying they are often used to frame the face and “specifically, give it a youthful appearance. The style, as seen above on Kirsten Dunst, is “easy to pull off,” says Abdullah, and “looks great on a lot of different hair types.” It can also add volume when worn up or styled in a ponytail. Ultimately, Abdullah emphasizes that curtain bangs will always be in style because they can “make your face look smaller and slimmer when they reach cheek level.” When it comes specifically to thinning or finer hair, he says that curtain bangs make your hair appear thicker and instantly more voluminous. “The style works well for women who want to hide thinning hair in the front,” she adds.

2. Layered Pixie with Side Parting

Another classic cut that can be layered for added volume is a pixie, which Will recommends parted to the side like Halle Berry above. the X Men The alum style is not only layered and parted to the side, but also dramatic and bold, which is the complete opposite of flat or dull hair. If you want a look that doesn’t look heavy or lifeless, “this is a perfect cut” for any of these goals, Will recommends. This hairstyle has the power to “make women over 40 look like they’re 20,” Will continues, saying that its modern, bold, and easy-to-style appeal can draw more attention to your best features and “make it your face looks young.

“An asymmetrical textured cut” like this is “another great option for fine hair,” agrees Rivera, explaining that this style is “so modern that it’s perfect for making our ladies in their prime look super chic.” As she heads to the salon, Rivera says he’ll ask to have his hair lengthened a bit, which will allow for more “movement and create a youthful appeal.” Texturing hair at any length, but especially for a pixie, creates an opportunity to “remove some of the split ends and weight, which also gives the hair more life,” Rivera concludes.

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