sarah: People with cancer shouldn’t be ashamed of their bald heads, says English broadcaster Sarah Beeny

sarah: People with cancer shouldn’t be ashamed of their bald heads, says English broadcaster Sarah Beeny
Hairless people are often thought to suffer some punishment and are ashamed of their baldness, Sarah Beeny said. The star presenter of UK property series shows said during an interview with a popular weekend magazine.

Self-examination, key preventive screening to detect breast cancer in early stages

common among women

Cancer incidence continues to rise in the country, with breast cancer becoming more common among women. Alarmingly, a large part of this group of patients is between 25 and 40 years of age.

What is there to be ashamed of when losing hair from cancer treatment? Sarah Beeny questioned.

traumatic experience

Sarah Beeny’s hair loss due to chemotherapy was quite a traumatic experience for her. In August, Sarah Beeny shared a photo of her son cutting off some of her hair to balance hair loss from chemotherapy.

Later, however, Sarah Beeny changed her attitude towards hair loss after treatment and decided to use dog clippers to shave her head completely. It is a sad coincidence that she lost her mother to breast cancer at the age of ten.

Despite Sarah Beeny’s unforeseen problems, she is focused on her work and planning a new series on Channel-Four and a new book.

frequent questions

Who is Sarah Beeny?

Sarah, 50, is an English television personality and businesswoman. Sarah is best known for her own series of shows like Property Snakes and Ladders. Also, her show Britain’s Best Homes featured many celebrity guests on the show.

Why did Sara shave her head?

According to Sarah, she had to undergo chemotherapy after being diagnosed with cancer and started losing her hair. She then wanted to change people’s attitudes towards cancer patients as victims and she decided to shave off her blonde locks to challenge stereotypical thinking.

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