90 Day Fiancé’s Big Ed’s Most Teased Photos After Weight Loss

90 Day Fiancé’s Big Ed’s Most Teased Photos After Weight Loss

90 day fiancé star Big Ed Brown may love his partner liz woods for weight loss, but some fans don’t think her own weight loss journey has been successful. The 56-year-old man, who was with Rose Vega in All in 90 Days: Before 90 Days, decided to undergo a physical transformation after their breakup. With a new body (and the desire to find another young girlfriend), Big Ed appeared on 90 days: the single life. On that show, he began dating Liz, a restaurant manager from San Diego. Unsurprisingly, Big Ed and Liz’s relationship didn’t last long, with him apparently working out to lose 25 pounds, before getting back together with her.


During an episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? season 7, Liz told a friend how 90 day fiancéit’s big ed He pointed to his old photos and commented on how good it would be if he went back to his old weight. The body image issues that Big Ed instilled in Liz’s mind caused her to sign up for a dance class, when she and big ed had been separated for six months. Liz ended up losing several pounds, but like her friend, Big Ed was criticized by Liz’s fans for being controlling, due to his own insecurities. The consensus is that he wasn’t in a position to ask her to lose weight, and some fans still think her makeover is disappointing.

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Big Ed from 90 Day Fiancé has had health problems

In the past, Big Ed has been criticized for promoting energy drinks, weight loss belts, and bizarre exercise routines. However, he claims it was diet and exercise that really helped him lose weight. Big Ed was reportedly 40 pounds overweight the last time he broke up with Liz. It has been reported that he has been diagnosed with hypertension, prediabetes and high blood pressure. Although Big Ed makes mukbang videos on YouTube, he seems to be making healthier lifestyle changes and focusing on altering the inside of him as well as the outside of him. As for his appearance, he cut his hair short and grew a little silver in his beard.

90 Day Fiancé Fans Criticize Big Ed’s Weight Loss Progress Photos

It does not matter that big ed he does, it’s not enough to impress fans, especially after he shamed Liz into transforming. In September 2021, Big Ed decided to show before and after photos of his weight loss progress to his Instagram followers, as part of a Boombod photo ad. In the photo collage, 90 day fiancé cast member Big Ed was shown outdoors, wearing a black T-shirt, for the “prior to” picture. In the “after” photo, he was shirtless inside. In his caption, he claimed that Boombod products were helping him with cravings and were easy to add to his routine. Fans refused to believe Big Ed’s claims and let him know in the comments. “you look the same”, wrote a fan, and someone else said: “he lost his shirt.another fan asked, “So… the product is useless?Fans laughed at Big Ed and told him he wasn’t doing a “before and after” photo correctly. Above, see a recent photo of Big Ed in athleisure.

Big Ed accused of skipping leg day by 90 Day Fiancé fans

let’s go to the church…!” big ed wrote as a caption for her gym mirror selfie in June 2021. 90 day fiancé star big ed he may have thought he would be praised for his new skinny body and silver-fox appearance. However, the only thing his followers noticed was Big Ed’s legs, and not because of the tattoo Big Ed had on his leg. The fans just thought he must be skipping certain workouts. “Moral of the story…don’t skip leg day”, wrote a TLC viewer. Someone called him, “chicken legs.A fan commented:growl in real life,” referring to My favorite villain character. However, one of Big Ed’s followers told him not to worry about the leg comments. “Older men tend to have skinny legs, it’s perfectly normal.”, they added, while praising him for his progress.

90 Day Fiancé star Big Ed shows off his dumbbell wrestling

Are you seriously struggling with 15lb dumbbells?” commented a fan 90 day fiancéBig Ed Post, which featured him lifting weights in August of this year. Many TLC viewers didn’t seem to approve. big edSupposedly low-effort content. One of his followers told Big Ed that he can’t get good results without working. They called out the eating habits of him, saying that if he’s not eating right, he’s just wasting his time. A 90 day fiancé viewer offered to train Big Ed, while guaranteeing him results. Amidst comments mocking his form, some of his fans also wanted to tell Big Ed to go away. 90 day fiancé.Your fame is finished. is getting old,” the reality fan told Big Ed. However, as long as fans bother to leave comments on his page (no matter how mean), it’s a sure sign that he knows exactly how to “milk” fame out of him.

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