Nov 4, 2022 Why do hospitals give me so much FOOD????

Nov 4, 2022 Why do hospitals give me so much FOOD????
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Lyta playing with Bit on the recliner. They definitely have the Russian blue green eyes, both of them.

Morning! Happy Friday!! Bit is free on Thursday, so we’ll go grocery shopping. So I’ll comment/mode once the kitties are done (maybe a little earlier, depending on the weather).
As most of you know, last Saturday I had an emergency operation. I am recovering well, pain levels are going down a little each day. I am going to see the surgeon on the 16th for a follow up and see my PCP next week. I don’t know what day yet, I’ll try to schedule it for when Bit is off work.

But why do they give you so much food in the hospital? They give me at least twice what I normally eat in a day, insist that you eat a large portion or not send you home, and then if you’re not within your optimal weight, they lecture. you in eating less! LOL.


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I had one day when I was on clear liquids. Which was fine, I wasn’t that hungry. But they kept sending me Jell-O… with sugar and regular packets of sugar for drinks. Dietary never received the information that I am diabetic, even though he is on my chart (I have looked up my chart online to make sure).
That was problem one. They also kept sending me coffee, even though I ordered hot tea. And the dietary staff was rude, when I asked for tea instead they told me “don’t bother drinking the coffee”. Grateful for the excellent nurses who really brought me tea.

Once they switched me to a ‘soft’ diet, this is what they gave me:
For breakfast:

French toast (with butter and regular syrup)

Semolina (eww… and with 2 sachets of sugar)
and fruit in thick syrup.
So I ate the eggs and French toast without syrup. I didn’t drink the milk because I was congested from a lack of asthma medication (the doctor never bothered to order it) and I didn’t want to risk making things worse.

What I normally eat at home:
A microwaved Jimmy Dean Ham, Egg and Cheese Muffin, or a bowl of oatmeal, or a bowl of Cheerios with Splenda.
A can of Sparkling Ice plus Caffeine.
A bottle of water or two between meals

chicken rice soup
five HUGE pieces of meat (I had to quarter them to eat them) in gravy
Rice (didn’t eat, too much carb)

mixed vegetables
muffin with butter

mixed fruit in heavy syrup (didn’t eat)

unsweetened iced tea with sugar packets (drank it without sweetener)

small bottle of water.

What I normally eat at home:
A sandwich (on whole-grain or low-carb bread, sometimes wrapped in a low-carb tortilla), or a salad, or leftovers. Sometimes a can of soup.

Plus a can of Sparkling Ice plus Caffeine or Sugar Free Tea with Splenda
A bottle of water or a bottle of iced sparkling water between meals

A chicken breast with sauce


Green peas


Sweet potato pie (did not eat)
Grape juice

small bottle of water

What I normally eat at home.
Some form of protein (chicken, pork, sometimes beef)
Mashed potatoes or rice…sometimes baked “chips”.
a vegetable
A bottle of water or a bottle of iced sparkling water.

Snack before bed:
Whole wheat English muffin with sugar free peanut butter or maybe a sugar free chocolate

I’ve worked in medicine, I know what happens when you don’t eat enough from your tray on a consistent basis, it can delay your return home. So like most of it. But that’s like 2-3 times the amount of food I usually eat in a day. And then the dietitian wants to come over for a chat because I’m overweight and diabetic and he talks to me about changing my diet at home so I don’t eat as much LOL. I really don’t eat much. I have never. Those 1200 calorie a day weight loss diets are usually about the amount I usually eat or sometimes more than I usually eat.

I have my blood sugar where it’s almost always below 120, never above 180 unless there are special circumstances (like a lot of pain that spikes my sugar, it doesn’t matter if I don’t eat anything). In the hospital I was running around 150 before lunch and dinner (although still around 85 before breakfast).
I find it really annoying when the people who lecture me about what I eat have no idea what I really eat. Especially when they are not following my dietary restrictions on what they are giving me. I tend to eat more carbs with dinner/for a bedtime snack, because otherwise my blood sugar is in the 60s when I wake up (and I can’t eat right away due to my thyroid medication). But during the day I don’t eat much and I’m very careful about what I eat.

Ivanova in the hall. They are getting huge!

The nurses made sure I had water and juice between meals (I don’t normally drink juice, but I thought I was recovering from surgery and my normal diet was ruined anyway LOL). I still felt dehydrated most of the time, because I didn’t drink as much as I used to. I know I wasn’t, because they were also pumping IV fluids, but I felt like it.

The doctors and nursing staff were great. No medical gas lighting, and they took what I said seriously. I didn’t hear anything about FND being ‘all in my head’ or any of that nonsense. The ER doctor told me that he knew it WASN’T my FND and that he would find out what it was, probably a gallbladder (which it was) or a stroke (which luckily it wasn’t). But he said don’t worry about being discharged and something bad happening, because that wasn’t happening that day. I’m grateful for that, he made me feel so much safer being there alone and about this hospital in general (not my ‘normal’ one time use since we moved here, that one closed in August 2020).

The surgeon said I scared him off because my gallbladder was in MUCH worse shape than I reported (chronic pain sufferer, I don’t register pain like a ‘normal’ person. If it’s bad enough I’ll go to the hospital, let’s assume it’s BAD ). I read the surgeon’s report in my file, it was *really* close to breaking, and I’m lucky it was removed without causing more trouble than it did. That’s why I spent another day in the hospital on intravenous antibiotics.

The only real problem I had was with Dietary. I don’t know if they were never told that he was diabetic, or if they just never added it. And I could do without the conference. Yes, I am overweight. I’m also disabled, I have COPD, and I *really* have a hard time exercising, especially since it makes several of my chronic conditions *worse*. Also, I take at least one medication that tends to make me gain weight. My diabetes is under control… with diet, without medication or insulin. And I have lost 15 pounds in the last 6 months. So I think overall I’m not doing too bad. So I’m trying to let that sermon slip off my back. But it’s difficult. It would have been more helpful if she had had a conversation about what I normally eat, along with the limitations of what I can do, and then helped me come up with a better plan. But nobody in the medical field seems interested in that. They would rather just give me “diet sheets” and “meal plans,” which include many things I can’t have, many more things I just can’t do (due to physical limitations), and many things I can’t afford.

Sophie and Lyta… yeah, I know, the house is a mess, Bit and I haven’t had time to clean up yet.

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