New hair, skin and body boosters to try now

New hair, skin and body boosters to try now

Skin care, exercise and a good diet are the pillars to feel our best, but sometimes we need an extra push. That’s where supplements come in, and there’s one for everything from thinning hair to cellulitis. Pick and choose from these recent releases, or grab all five for a better head-to-toe experience.


longer, stronger, healthier hair It’s always in style, but it’s not always easy to achieve. the Advanced Hair Repair Capsules ($60) by Vida Glow makes achieving optimal hair health and growth as easy as taking an orange pill a day, as the key active ingredient AnaGain helps reduce hair loss and thinning hair.


Fighting cellulite can be complicated. The dimples that appear on our thighs or buttocks stem from things happening under the skin, so they need to be treated that way. Skinade Cellulite Targeted Solutions ($210) is a three-part regimen that claims to support firmer, smoother skin with a noticeable reduction in lumps and dimpling.


Who says supplements can’t be fun? LAPCOS Vita Collagen Daily Pomegranate Beauty Jelly ($34) comes in a zip-top bag, just like when we were kids. The best part? about Dry Skin and prevents moisture loss, making it a must for the winter months.


The powerful collagen in Ancient Nutrition Collagen Matcha Energizer ($40) benefits hair, skin, nails, joints, and gut. Meanwhile, matcha, MCTs, and ashwagandha all step in to help boost energy and manage stress. All these benefits in a cup of matcha? Sign up


The sun has set in summer, so we need our bodies to help brighten our days. JSHealth Bright Skin+ ($35) features a radiance-boosting blend that reduces age spots and supports collagen production. Plus, vitamin C and grape seed work together to reduce free radicals for happier, healthier skin.

Troy Hallahan