Jennifer Gray opens up about her hair loss

Jennifer Gray opens up about her hair loss

When I was on a Zoom call with Jennifer Grey, it was hard to believe that the topic of our interview was to talk about her recent hair loss, especially as I looked at her healthy, full light brown waves with perfectly placed blonde highlights. Gray kicked off the call by acknowledging that she has always had great hair: “I’ve always been the girl with the hair. It’s something I took for granted. I thought it would be something I would always have…and I didn’t know it would change.”

My hair felt a little lifeless, a little sad.

However, the change he speaks of was not obvious. The 62-year-old actress didn’t wake up one morning and she noticed significant shedding every time she finger combed. In fact, she can’t remember any particular moment when the threads began to fall. But sometime during the “middle of the pandemic,” she noticed her locks were starting to look dull and flat. “My hair felt a little lifeless, a little sad,” she says.

Gray shared his feelings with his favorite hairdresser, Tracey Cunninghamwho suggested a hair care brand called Harklinikken. The brand clinic, founded by Danish researcher Lars Skjøth, is becoming something of a mecca for celebrities looking for natural hair loss solutions (Ricki Lake is an avid user and spokesperson). At the time, Gray wasn’t really looking for hair loss help, but he liked the idea of ​​getting a personalized hair evaluation (the brand offers a free online hair evaluation, as well as more personalized in-person and online consultations). , so he met Skjoth in Beverly Hills. After exhaustive analysis, he mixed a custom hair extract (a proprietary blend that includes burdock root, calendula, apple, and other botanicals) and told Gray to apply it nightly. He has followed his instructions to the letter. “Before I go to bed, I shake the bottle of extract and then distribute it throughout the scalp with a small included syringe. Then I massage it. It takes about 30 seconds,” he says. Gray also washes and conditions his hair daily and does minimal styling. Skjoth explains that vigorously washing and massaging the scalp every day helps to achieve better absorption of the product.

Balancing Shampoo

Harklinikken Balancing Shampoo
Credit: Courtesy of Harklinikken

Daily Conditioner

Harklinikken Daily Conditioner
Credit: Courtesy of Harklinikken


Harklinikken Extract
Credit: Harklinikken

Four months later, Gray returned to the Harklinikken clinic to review her before and after photos. They revealed a significant change in her hair. “I didn’t know my hairline had receded and my part had flared out until I saw these photos. But there was an undeniable change,” says Grey, who is now a spokesperson for the brand.

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Hair loss is a nuanced condition that ranges in severity from thinning to balding. It can result from a variety of factors, including genetics, hormonal changes, and aging, depending on the Mayo Clinic. there’s also reports They say that about 55 percent of women experience some hair loss by the age of 70. As we age studies show that it is common for hair to become thinner as a result of the gradual decline in estrogen production after menopause. Less estrogen also means fewer natural oils, which the scalp needs to moisturize hair and keep it shiny and healthy. Ellen MarmorMD, a dermatologist in New York City and founder of MM Skincare, previously said Oprah’s Diary. Without enough sebum, the scalp becomes dry and flaky, which can result in dull, dry hair prone to breakage. This is what Gray was experiencing before turning to Harklinikken.

With the return of healthy, thicker hair, Gray admits he has a newfound love and appreciation for his locks. But he also realized the power and importance of vulnerability and seeking help. “There is nothing worse than feeling powerless in a situation,” she says. But there is nothing better than “taking action, standing up for yourself, and honoring the fact that something is bothering you.”

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