Emily Ratajkowski felt ’embarrassed’ after wearing see-through dress

Emily Ratajkowski felt ’embarrassed’ after wearing see-through dress
Emily Ratajkowski was recently shamed for wearing a see-through dress.  (Photo: Getty Images)

Emily Ratajkowski was recently shamed for wearing a see-through dress. (Photo: Getty Images)

Emily Ratajkowski faces some regrets after stepping out in a daring dress.

The 31-year-old model, actress, author and podcast host is trying to live her best single life since splitting from her husband of four years, Sebastian Bear-McClad. But as a now-single mother trying to embrace her multifaceted personality, Ratajkowski was prepared to take on the naysayers.

In the last episode of his podcast, High Low with EmRataRatajkowski broached the subject with her guest Alex Cooper and shared that it has long been difficult for her as a model to be taken seriously in other areas.

“Like in the morning, you have morning sex, and then you read the news and you get mad about something. And then you have a smart conversation with your friend and then you put on a slutty dress,” Ratajkowski explained. “That is, for me, part of my reality.”

Even as she has embarked on initiating thought-provoking conversations about politics and feminism, people have tried to reinforce her identity as a role model and nothing more. after attending W MagazineAt the 50th anniversary party in October, he was reminded that viewers didn’t want to give him proper respect.

Ratajkowski dressed in Tory Burch.  (Photo: Getty Images)

Ratajkowski dressed in Tory Burch. (Photo: Getty Images)

“Recently single, I wore this fun little slutty dress. I actually thought it was pretty chic, it was see-through… My girlfriend works for the brand that had the dress, she sent it to her. I put it on and thought, ‘What? Can I do this? Can I leave the house like this?'” she said, referring to the long-sleeved fishnet dress that showed off her satin bra and underwear. “So I said, ‘I’m feeling, this is so much fun.’ You know, I’m 31, I had a baby 16 months ago, or God, no, God, he’s even a year and a half now, he’s getting so old. And It felt really good.”

Before making the decision to wear the dress, she remembers texting her friend a photo. “‘Should I wear this?'” she wrote. “‘I’m allowed?’ Which was a joke, but it wasn’t a joke either.”

Finally, she showed up in the dress for about an hour, feeling proud of her body and ready to show it off.

“I had so much fun. I was with all my friends cheering me on, taking videos and saying, ‘Do you want me to post this?'” she said. “I’m single, it’s fun, and it feels good when your friends are like, ‘Yeah, bitch.’ You know what I mean? So it felt really good, but I knew what was coming.”

The model posted a series of photos on her Instagram showing off her looks before receiving an outpouring of hate, including comments that read, “Dressing like this is just asking” and “Then you have to be almost naked to be noticed. Sad situation.”

“All of a sudden, there was this real response of ‘How can she expect us to take her seriously while she’s also showing off her body like that?’ And it’s something I’ve heard forever that I’ve basically been accused of having extreme internalized misogyny and messing with the male gaze,” she said. “It’s something I think about all the time.”

It even had an impact on how she felt about appearance herself.

“If I’m totally honest, I feel ashamed,” she continued. “I feel bad about myself, I feel like I shouldn’t have worn that dress like it was a mistake and I feel ashamed.”

Fortunately, Ratajkowski was supported by many others who said she looked “goddess-like” in the dress and wore it well.

“You really know how to dress for a party,” one person commented. Another wrote: “Season of revenge.”

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