Tr Night Burner Reviews (My Patriot Plus) Fat Burner Diet Pills That Work Or Are They A Scam

During the day, we tend to be active, so the body does not fully perform metabolic functions. When we rest at night, the body can burn calories for energy from stored fat.

TR. Night Burner is a weight loss solution made by My Patriot that helps reduce fat while you sleep. It is said to minimize nighttime sugar cravings. Users wake up feeling fuller and rejuvenated. Combining TR. Night Burner with a healthy diet helps people lose weight faster.

This review will help you know if Tr. Night Burner can burn fat; its ingredients, benefits, pros, cons and prices.

What is Tr? night burner?

TR. Night Burner helps you lose weight while you sleep. It took six years for supplement manufacturers to develop the fat-burning formula that works while you sleep.

The product’s ingredients are unique and precisely measured to perform specific bodily functions. Night diet pills ensure that calories are burned to enhance weight loss.

TR. Night Burner is medically approved, according to its official website. In addition to burning fat, it stimulates the immune system and increases energy levels and overall quality of life. Extensive clinical studies were conducted to develop the highest quality scientific formulations to accelerate weight loss.

The supplement is made with 100% natural and GMO-free ingredients: the manufacture of Tr. Night Burner takes place in an FDA approved and GMP certified facility, following safety guidelines.

How does TR work? Does the night burner work?

Many factors are associated with weight gain, one of which is high calorie intake. When you consume too many calories during the day, it may not be easy to burn them all at night, considering that an average human being can sleep 8 hours.

For effective weight loss, the body must burn more fat at night than during the day. At night, the body naturally releases the hormone known as Melatonin, whose function is to improve sleep. TR. Night Burner has ingredients that increase melatonin production, which helps someone relax and fall asleep quickly.

Green coffee beans are known to increase energy and are present in Tr. Night Burner provides the body with the necessary power to increase the metabolic rate. The component also helps the body activate the REM sleep phase, which is necessary to restore and rejuvenate cells.

TR. Night Burner has carb blocking ingredients that prevent the increase in blood sugar by consuming foods rich in carbohydrates throughout the day. A combination of all the ingredients in Tr. Night Burner helps get to the root cause of weight gain, such as slow metabolic rate, insulin resistance, fatigue, and increased cholesterol.

TR. Night Burner Ingredients

TR. Night Burner is formulated with powerful vitamins and nutrients that are 100% natural to effectively burn fat while you sleep. Powerful ingredients include:

Extract of green coffee beans

The green coffee bean is extracted from raw coffee beans. Beans contain an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agent known as chlorogenic acid. The compound lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Green coffee bean extract is essential in thermogenesis, which allows the body to get rid of the calories consumed. Studies have revealed that the ingredient can reduce overall BMI and waistline.


L-Carnitine is an essential amino acid that plays an important role in the body. L-carnitine is formed in the liver and kidneys from the amino acids lysine and methionine. The ingredient increases energy levels, stimulates metabolism and supports the immune system. High levels of the ingredient in the body help burn fat. TR. Night Burner reduces visceral abdominal fat, which causes fatty liver disease.

passion flower extract

Passionflower extract is known as a calming herb that improves sleep. Recent studies have shown that it is difficult to lose weight if you suffer from lack of sleep or insomnia. The hormone cortisol, which causes weight gain, is produced when the body is stressed. The calming effect of passionflower reduces stress.

white kidney bean extract

The enzyme amylase is responsible for the digestion of carbohydrates. White kidney bean extract prevents the formation of amylase and as a result, there is less absorption of carbohydrates in the body. The ingredient also lowers glucose levels and supports gut health. According to studies, consuming 1000-3000mg of navy beans can cause significant weight loss compared to other traditional methods.


Hypothyroidism is a common cause of unhealthy weight. The Ashwagandha plant is a scientifically tested and proven ingredient for weight loss. The plant is packed with antioxidants that decrease inflammation and speed up metabolism. Promotes recovery by increasing restful sleep by up to 42%.

Ashwagandha controls thyroid hormone levels and cortisol levels. It works with other nutrients to boost the immune system.

valerian root extract

Multiple studies have shown that valerian root extract helps poor sleep patterns. The ingredient is used as a sedative in most drugs. Valeric acid and valerian extract are the active components that promote sleep quality by preventing the breakdown of GABA in the brain. Valeric acid reduces stress by providing its anxiety-relieving action on the brain.


L-tryptophan is an essential amino acid that helps in the production of the hormone serotonin. Serotonin improves mood and sleep and reduces sugar cravings and appetite. Slow metabolism, overeating and depression are caused by serotonin deficiency in the body.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D has numerous nutritional values ​​in the body. Promotes healthy bones and joints, hormone production, and supports the immune system. Unhealthy weight can activate metabolic dysfunctions, which alter the functions of vitamin D. This is why the body must have high levels of vitamin D.


Magnesium helps with weight loss by converting food into energy. The mineral is vital for controlling blood sugar and insulin levels in overweight or obese people.

Benefits of using Tr. night burner

These are the benefits offered by Tr. Night Burner Intake:

fat burning

TR. Night Burner is formulated with powerful ingredients that help people burn too much fat at night. It also destroys active fat cells, encouraging stubborn fat storage in areas like the underarms, belly, chin, and thighs.

Reduce appetite and cravings

People tend to develop unhealthy eating habits, especially at night when they can’t sleep. TR. Night Burner supports insulin sensitivity, which curbs cravings for sweets, snacks, and other carbohydrates. Allow someone to feel full all night.

Boost energy and mood

TR. Night Burner is a mood and energy enhancer with natural components that boost your energy throughout the day.

Regulation of blood sugar and insulin levels

Uncontrolled blood sugar and insulin levels can make it impossible to achieve your planned weight loss goal – the ingredients in Tr. Night Burner helps keep blood sugar and insulin levels under control. It also prevents diabetes and other life-threatening conditions.

How to use TR. night burner

A bottle of TR. Night Burner contains 60 slimming pills. Take two Tr tablets. Night Burner capsules every night before bed. The manufacturer recommends taking Tr. Night Burner pills for at least three months for maximum results.

The effectiveness of the Night Burner is highly dependent on the user’s calorie intake and activity. The expected weight loss is 2 pounds per week. TR.


  • TR. Night Burner can be used by both men and women.
  • The dietary supplement is 100% natural.
  • TR. Night Burner is medically approved


  • TR. Night Burner is only available on the official website

Prices and money back guarantee

TR. The Night Burner supplement is available for purchase on the official website. You can order the following packages:

  • One bottle at $89.90 + free shipping
  • Three bottles at $79.90 each + free shipping
  • Six bottles at $69.90 + free shipping

It is important to note that Tr. Night Burner offers a 60 day money back guarantee. You can contact customer service for a no questions asked refund. Dissatisfied customers are asked to return products and can be contacted by phone or email at:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 1-606-785-9079
  • Returns Processing: 19655 E 35th Drive. Suite 100 Aurora, CO 80011


TR. Night Burner is a medically proven fat burning dietary supplement. Melts stubborn fat, reduces cravings, increases insulin sensitivity and increases energy. TR. Night Burner is a fat-burning blend that helps adults lose and maintain desirable weight while they sleep.

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