Scalp massages can promote hair growth, studies show

Scalp massages can promote hair growth, studies show

Do you dream of thicker, fuller hair? While it’s tempting to spend everything you have on hair care products to achieve this, there is a more effective and affordable way to encourage healthy hair growth. It takes a bit of effort and patience, but the results speak for themselves. So what is the secret? Scalp massages. They’re all the rage right now for a reason: they work. not just do studies show which can promote hair growth, but massaging the scalp can also combat stress and tension. Below is everything that is known about scalp massages for hair growth and regrowth.

First things first: What exactly is a scalp massage?

A scalp massage stimulates blood circulation to the nerve endings, blood vessels, and muscles of the head through circular motions applied with the fingers or a specialized scalp massage device. It generates a slightly euphoric feeling and feelings of well-being and relaxation. While it is most commonly done using just your fingertips, a handheld massage tool called a scalp massager can also be used to mimic the gentle pressure of your fingertips.

Do scalp massages help with hair growth?

scalp massages relax your body and mind by relieving tension and stress, if only for a moment. But that is not all. Regular scalp massages have also been shown to promote hair growth. Here are the many benefits of scalp massages and an explanation of how they support scalp health.

They increase blood flow.

Scalp massages can combat hair loss by helping to dilate blood vessels that sit under the scalp. This allows more oxygen and blood to flow through your head, delivering more nutrients to hair follicles all over your scalp. As a result, your strands are more likely to stay strong and grow long.

They exfoliate the skin.

Sweat, sebum (hair oil), dead skin cells and hair care products can cause a dry scalp and an accumulation of waste that clogs the follicles and negatively impacts the growth of your hair. Scalp massages help eliminate these wastes, promoting the health of your scalpand in turn, supporting the health of your hair.

They reduce stress.

In addition to stimulating blood flow and exfoliating the skin, scalp massages relieve tension and promote better sleep. This calm feeling can trigger hair growth and regrowth. How? By removing natural stressors.

When the body experiences stress, it goes into “fight or flight” mode, diverting its energy from non-essential functions like hair growth to vital functions such as breathing. This can trigger Hair loss (also known as alopecia). According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD)this condition is extremely common, and stress is one of its most frequent triggers.

Not sure how to control your stress hormones and improve your overall well-being? Here are some ideas:

  • Try breathing exercises
  • do something to make you laugh
  • Get your om get on with yoga
  • Go to the gym
  • To meditate
  • take a bubble bath
  • Get some vitamin D
  • Listen to music
  • Take your dog for a walk

What is the best way to massage the scalp?

There are some methods that you can use to massage your scalp. For a standard scalp massage, follow these easy steps:

  1. Using your fingertips, apply light pressure to the scalp, moving in small circles from front to back.
  2. Reverse direction. Starting from the bottom of the hairline, move in small circular motions towards the crown of the head.
  3. Repeat the circular movements on the sides of your scalp.
  4. Give your ears some love to finish the massage.

Pro Tip: To level out your scalp massage, use essential oils. These beneficial plant extracts are known to reduce hair loss. promote Hair growthY control dandruff – all of which support a long and beautiful mane.

How often should you massage your scalp?

The ideal frequency depends on why you are doing it. To stimulate hair growth or thickness, twice a day is recommended. To reduce stress and promote relaxation, massage your scalp whenever you like. Just be sure not to rub your scalp vigorously or with sharp nails that can scratch the skin, as this can do more harm than good.

Any other tips to promote hair growth?

In addition to regularly massaging your scalp, here are some other things you can do to promote healthy hair:

Avoid excessive washing.

shampoo strips the scalp of natural oils you need to stay hydrated, so it’s important not to do this every day. When you shampoo always use a good quality conditioner as this keeps your hair nourished and strong and encourages new growth.

Use a soft brush.

The hard bristles scratch the surface of the scalp and cause irritation and inflammation, which can negatively affect hair growth. To keep your scalp healthy and happy, opt for a brush with soft bristles.

Trim your hair frequently.

It may seem counterintuitive, but if you want long hair that’s in tip-top shape, frequent cuts are the trick. While haircuts do not grow hair, they eliminate split ends that break hair and discourage continued growth. By reducing breakage, you are promoting stronger, healthier strands.

Stay away from hot tools.

A simple way to help your hair grow is stay away from hot tools. That said, if you can’t go without heat, turn down the heat and use a heat protectant; Otherwise, you risk damaging your strands, leading to breakage, brittleness, and frizz.

change your diet.

It’s an often overlooked truth: our diets are forever reflected in our appearance. As with any other part of the body, hair follicles require nutrition to thrive and encourage healthy strands. That’s why foods that contain the vitamins, minerals, and proteins necessary for hair growth are vital to achieving thick, healthy hair. With this in mind, here they are some healthy foods to improve hair growth:

  • Eggs
  • Citric fruits
  • Spinach and other dark green leafy vegetables
  • fatty fish
  • Nuts and seeds
  • avocados
  • Sweet potatoes

Catch your Zzzs in something silky.

silk is a million times easier on the hair than cotton, so it prevents tangles and breakage. (And as mentioned above, the less her hair breaks, the longer, and healthier – your hair will be.)

see an expert.

If you can’t get to the bottom of your thinning hair and no remedy seems to work, visit a dermatologist. They will review your medical history and perform a physical exam to identify the most likely causes of your hair problems and recommend treatment. Sometimes something as simple as a vitamin deficiency is to blame behind delayed hair growth, and this can be fixed with supplements or dietary changes.

The last word

It’s no secret that the key to beautiful, thick hair starts with the scalp. By giving yourself regular scalp massages, you not only set the stage for healthier hair, you also reduce stress and relieve tension. In other words, massaging your scalp does more than just support hair growth: it also supports your general well-being.

That said, while scalp massages show promise for promoting hair growth, it’s important to note that they can’t cure Hair loss. A daily scalp massage won’t hurt, but if your hair loss worsens, contact your health care provider, as an underlying condition could be the cause.

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