Memphis Full Body Weight Loss Makeover Photos

Memphis Full Body Weight Loss Makeover Photos

Previous 90 day fiancé star Memphis Smith is having a remarkable post-pregnancy weight loss journey, which she’s not afraid to share with fans on Instagram, amid her split with Hamza Moknii. The 34-year-old single mother from Michigan met Tunisian man Hamza, 26, online. Hamza lied to Memphis about her age (he told her she was 28), while Memphis hadn’t been clear about her. her ex-husband’s close relationship with Hamza. For this couple, who married within two weeks of meeting (and also got pregnant right away), the language barrier was also a major concern.


By the time fans saw the 90 day fiancé: Before 90 days Season 5 Tell-All, Memphis and Hamza had already welcomed their little daughter, whose name has yet to be revealed. The difference between pre-pregnancy Memphis and today’s reality star is huge, especially when it comes to her figure and style. During the reunion episode, Memphis wore a form-fitting black dress to show off her transformation, leading fans to ask her about her weight loss secrets.

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90 Day Fiancé Celeb Memphis is changing

90 day fiancé memphis beauty She sported a trendy black bob for Tell-All, and that was the last time fans saw her on TV or with Hamza. The two are no longer together, and she now lives in Chicago and cries on Instagram because she can’t see her daughter. Meanwhile, she herself has been trying to avoid social media. When she posts, she adds photos that show her trying to deal with life changes with a smile on her face. She also flaunts new hair styles that complement her slimmer figure, following the birth of her third child.

90 Day Fiancé Star Memphis Flaunts Before and After Weight Loss Photos

In April, 90 day fiancé memphis icon decided to talk about ahot topic,” weight loss, with his Instagram followers. memphis posted a collage of photos, with the image on the left showing her at 38 weeks pregnant, in October 2021. On the right, she chose a photo of herself from 2022. To answer thousands of fans who wanted to know how she lost so much. weight, Memphis said that a “many factors” come into play when a woman wants to lose weight. Memphis weighed about 160 pounds when she gave birth. Before the pregnancy, her weight was 120 pounds. She currently weighs 113 pounds and is 4’9″ tall.“It is not a race… but a commitment to be healthier”, 90 day fiancé celebrity memphis she wrote in her caption, explaining that weight loss journeys are individual, as everyone is different.

Memphis takes a break from the 90 Day Fiancé drama

In July, memphis, who had been flaunting a braided dreadlocks hairstyle, showed off her slimmer figure during a night out with her friends. She wore a coordinated tropical-themed ensemble, featuring an off-the-shoulder top and culottes, as she posed with her friends. “it was much neededMemphis wrote about the break she enjoyed, when her friends got her out of the house and helped her have fun again. Memphis asked her more than 178 thousand followers to live life as if there were no tomorrow. Fans of hers told Memphis how happy they were to see her: “back in the slot.“So he did Memphis TLC co-starJazmín Pineda, who told him: “I can’t wait to join in all the fun with you on MI!

Memphis looks like a teenager to 90 Day Fiancé fans

In September, memphis posted several photos of herself at Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo. She captioned the photos of her outdoor adventures with, “There is so much beauty in the world.Memphis flaunted her toned body while holding colorful flowers. The mother of three wore a short white ensemble with a sunflower print and accessorized with white flip flops. Friends and supporters of Memphis loved her look and 90 day fiancé Cast member Brittany Banks commented that Memphis, “He always looks like a teenager.According to Memphis, kids at her daughter’s school say that, too. After her weight loss, 90DF memphis star seems to be aging backwards.

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