What happened between Jet Li and Jackie Chan?

What happened between Jet Li and Jackie Chan?

If you are a fan of action and comedy, we can guarantee you that you have seen many Jackie Chan movies.

The star has had blockbuster movies, legendary cameosand has been able to make a fortune with his performance. It’s been an incredible journey for the legendary star, and while he’s not as active as he used to be, his legacy in the business remains intact.

Jackie Chan has many famous friends, including Jet Li. Although Li and Chan are close, there was a time when there were problems between the two.

Let’s take a closer look at their friendship and see what happened between them!


Jackie Chan is a legend in the movie industry

The action genre has been home to many notable stars, and few have been as beloved and impactful as Jackie Chan.

Chan had humble beginnings, which saw him work with the likes of Bruce Lee.

Jackie Chan’s ability to become a world star crossover was truly incredible to watch, and once he broke out, he forged a career that saw him conquer the box office, while starring in movies that showcased his incredible stunt work, as well as his legitimate comedy. . lips.

He’s starred in countless hit movies, had his own animated show, and inspired legions of young artists to pursue their dreams on the big screen.

As one of the most successful and likeable guys in Hollywood, it makes sense that Jackie Chan has a lot of friends. One of those friends is acting legend Jet Li.

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He was close friends with fellow action star, Jet Li.

Like Jackie Chan, Jet Li was able to excel in movies that allowed him to showcase his martial arts and stunt skills, and over time, Li and Chan became close friends.

For years, fans wanted to see the duo shine together on the big screen, but there were other factors that kept this from happening for quite some time.

“We’ve known each other for over 30 years, and 20 years ago we tried to work on a movie together,” Chan said. “I called him, we sat down and talked, he agreed and I wrote the script.” and he agreed to the script. I told my company to do it, then somehow [didn’t come together]. Did I say why?’ and they said: ‘Because they want to have the rights.’ Who owns the rights? ‘Golden Harvest wants to own the rights.’ ‘China Star wants to own the rights.’ ‘Who owns the rights to the DVD?’ ‘Who owns the video rights?’ I said no! Who cares? Just make the movie.'” Chan once said.

Eventually the duo teamed up to The forbidden kingdoma film that grossed nearly $130 million at the worldwide box office.

These two icons have a unique friendship, but at one point, Chan was unwilling to please Li.

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Chan made an exception for Li’s movie, which made fun of him

Jet Li’s 1995 film, High riskThe actor was seen parodying Jackie Chan with his character.

According to the ave club“The jokes made at Frankie’s behest are sometimes based on parodies of Bruce Lee (a clip of him howling in fear at a cockroach is used for the combat dub of a fight scene from the movie), but the specific jokes of Chan are more scathing. And deliberately cruel.”

Jackie Chan wasn’t exactly thrilled with Li and Leung for their work on the film.

“Wong Jing always wants to make money fast, everything fast. Of course I’m not happy, but what can I do? I can’t say, ‘Stop! Don’t do it.'” No, let them do it, let it be. People will know what happened. And then I found out that I’m right, no one sees [the movie]Chan said.

He also talked about how Li was embarrassed by the movie.

I’m so happy. A lot of people ask Jetli and Jackie Cheung, ‘Why are you doing this?’ I think they are very embarrassed, even now they look at me they like this, [Jackie pretends to bow head in shame]. I’m so happy. Before they look at me, ‘Yes, yes!’ But now they look at me like that [bows head again].” she added.

Given the timing of the movie’s release, we’re sure you came to the conclusion that these two were able to work things out, and they eventually stayed friends and made movies with each other.

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Jackie Chan and Jet Li’s friendship could endure a movie like High riskand this gave fans some amazing collaborations.

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