Danica Patrick urges women to trust their ‘intuition’ after breast implant disease: ‘Get them removed’

Danica Patrick urges women to trust their ‘intuition’ after breast implant disease: ‘Get them removed’

Danica Patrick spoke about her experience with breast implant disease and encourages women who may be suffering from a similar disease health problems to have their implants removed.

The 40-year-old former Nascar driver spoke about the years of health problems caused by her. breast implants During a recent interview with Peoplein which he revealed that he began noticing changes in his body three years after the surgery.

Patrick says he got the implants in November 2014 because he thought “they would make [her] feel more feminine and sexy” and began noticing the impacts on her health in 2017. She said she began experiencing symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, dryness, and hair loss.

At the time, she assumed that the changes in her health were the result of her hormones being “off.”

However, Patrick said the problems with her breast implants got worse a year later when her breasts hardened. She told the outlet that the change in her made her feel self-conscious, which is why she found herself avoiding hugs and worrying when she was physically intimate.

“For so many years I didn’t hug people tightly because I didn’t feel like pushing these little balloons into them. Every time I was with a guy, I couldn’t help but think they knew they were fake,” she admitted, adding that she went “down a pretty deep rabbit hole” and “got every test you could do” while trying. to find the root of the problem.

In 2022, Patrick learned that breast implant disease could be causing his symptoms after watching videos about the disease on social media.

Breast implant disease, or BII, is a “collection of symptoms that may be related to breast implants,” according to the Cleveland Clinic, which notes that the disease may be “related to autoimmune or inflammatory responses” and that common symptoms include fatigue, joint pain, mental confusion and rash. The exact cause is unknown.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also adds that hair loss, weight changes, and anxiety/depression are common symptoms associated with BII, and that symptoms have been reported from immediately after implants to years later.

While the FDA acknowledges that “some women report improvement or resolution of symptoms after implant removal,” it also notes that “BII is not currently recognized as a formal medical diagnosis and there are no specific tests or recognized criteria.” to define or characterize it.

“Research is continuing to better understand any potential associations with breast implants,” the FDA states.

The FDA has He received 2,497 reports of medical devices contained symptoms consistent with BII from November 2018 to October 2019, according to the agency, while data from January 2008 to October 2018 showed an additional 1,080 reports of similar symptoms.

The FDA also identified a possible connection between breast implants and the development of breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL), a type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma that it clarifies is not breast cancer. but cancer of the immune system. system.

Patrick decided to have surgery to have her breast implants removed in March, at which point she said she noticed an instant improvement in her symptoms. He is now urging other women who may be experiencing the same symptoms as her to “trust.” [their] intuition” and consider undergoing the procedure.

“Have them removed and see how you feel,” he said.

As for how she’s feeling since the surgery, Patrick said that on a scale of one to 10, she’s a “six right now,” but she’s also taking better care of herself than ever.

“Pursuing perfection is a dead end. Learning to come home to yourself is a beautiful thing,” she added.

Patrick’s warning comes as he has been keeping fans and followers updated on his journey on Instagram, where he has she spoke candidly about her health since having her implants removed.

In a post from May, the former race car driver shared a photo of herself in a bikini and revealed that she wishes she could “tell this 32-year-old girl that boobs won’t make you more perfect, you won’t have everything, you won’t be more feminine.” “. ”.

“These were my reasons and for me these narratives are the problem. The implants are simply inserted into it. Culture feeds it. Social networks feed it. Filters feed it. Unhealed trauma feeds him,” he wrote, before condemning the lack of transparency about the dangers associated with implants and expressing gratitude for him “for feeling better so quickly.”

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