AAFP Releases Clinical Guidance Sheet, Resources to Help PCPs Prepare for Flu Season

October 26, 2022

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Wood is Senior Vice President for Research, Science and Public Health at the AAFP.

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The American Academy of Family Physicians has released new free resources to help primary care physicians navigate the upcoming flu season.

The resources, a clinical guidance sheet, an action plan for patients with COVID-19 and influenza, and a medical history form for patients 65 and older, are intended to prepare clinicians for the combination of COVID-19 and a flu season what is it designed to be severe.

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The AAFP has launched new, free resources to help primary care physicians navigate the upcoming flu season. Source: Adobe Stock

“Almost all family physicians are likely to care for patients exposed to or ill with the flu or COVID, and we know that older adults are among those facing the highest rates of serious complications and death from these illnesses.” Julie Wood, MD, MPH, AAFP Senior Vice President for Research, Science and Public Health said in a news release.

The clinical guidance sheet, located hereit is divided into three sections: vaccinating patients, diagnosing and evaluating patients, and treating patients.

Vaccination of patients, according to the release, comes with “detailed recommendations” for influenza and COVID-19 vaccines, advice on co-administration of the vaccines, and more. It also encourages primary care providers to “strongly recommend all eligible recommended immunizations during routine or preventive office visits.”

The section on diagnosing and testing patients provides information on symptoms of influenza and COVID-19, discusses infection prevention and control measures, addresses the use of telehealth for certain patients, and reminds clinicians that patients can be infected with influenza and COVID-19 at the same time. time, “and that tests for both viruses are needed to exclude one or the other.”

The treatment section offers resources on antiviral medications and clinical considerations for outpatient treatment of COVID-19.

The orientation sheet is completed by the patient action plan and the medical history form, both designed for older patients.

“Family physicians are well positioned to provide care for older adults in many different settings,” Wood said in the release. “Our goal is primary prevention with vaccinations and other preventative measures, but it’s also important that the patient or their caregiver is made aware of testing and treatment options, ideally before they get sick. The new guidance documents that the AAFP has developed make it easier for family physicians to implement those action plans for their practices and patients.”

Earlier this year, Healio launched a Discussion guide for doubts about the COVID-19 vaccinewhich includes clear and accurate answers to common questions about the COVID-19 vaccines that are licensed in the US.

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