Kansas officials try to stop HPAI, a pathogenic avian influenza

Kansas officials try to stop HPAI, a pathogenic avian influenza

Keep your birds indoors or in coops and cover their food and water.

The Kansas Department of Agriculture is making those suggestions after a contagious avian flu last week forced the destruction of a noncommercial mixed-species flock in Shawnee County.

“Analysis of this outbreak has shown that it is primarily spread by wild birds, so limiting exposure to wild birds is the best way to protect domestic birds,” said KDA spokeswoman Heather Landsdowne. “Keeping them indoors or in coops will limit that exposure, as will covering food and water sources so migratory birds can’t access them.”

KDA will only destroy flocks if HPAI is found in them

Last spring, the Topeka Zoo emptied its natural bird feeders as a way to limit the spread of bird flu.

Last week, Shawnee County reported its first case of highly pathogenic avian influenza, also known as H5N1, a deadly and highly contagious form of bird flu, Landsdowne said.

The KDA destroyed all birds present and quarantined the facilities where the disease was found. said in a press release Thursday.

Federal guidelines require the destruction of all birds in any flock where HPAI has been detected to try to slow the spread of the disease and alleviate bird suffering, Landsdowne said.

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