It’s spooky season! What silly and random thing scares your pets?

It’s spooky season!  What silly and random thing scares your pets?

With Halloween approaching with all the thrills and scares that come with it, we want to know what silly and random things are scaring your pets. You know, aside from those ridiculous costumes you make them wear.

I’m not going to lie, my furry ones are family. I’m pretty sure they don’t know they’re not human. Except for the cat. My cat thinks he’s a dog, but that’s a topic for another day. But with Halloween right around the corner and everyone trying to scare themselves silly, I thought it would be nice to ask what things scare your pets and we had some great responses this morning on air and a lot of fun responses via social media. Here are some of the more random ones. Remember, don’t judge. Our pets can be crazy and a little neurotic, but we love them!

elizabeth herriage
Simba (cat) acts like he wants to try my caramel apple suckers (don’t judge me lol) but when I act like I’ll put him down and keep him close, he starts yelling and hissing and runs (still hissing) out of the room. ‍♀️

Tracy Agostini
Anything out of place. Something placed on a counter that doesn’t belong, a pillow off the couch and on the floor, the vacuum cleaner if it’s not in the closet where it belongs, etc. Just like me… kids say I’ve ruined our animals with my OCD ‍♀️

Shannon Douglas
My cats freak out when they hear my ice machine. They run like scared cats and slide across my hardwood floors trying to get away.

Charlie Gentry
My phone has lots of notification sounds but I can’t change the ding when someone likes my chat message or gives it a heart or approves it. My Shih Tzu sleeps through storms and fireworks but he freaks out and leaves the room on the DING.

leigh santoro
Kayce is terrified of the garbage truck.

kristy nix
My big Raggedy Ann doll that my aunt crafted for me a long time ago… Popcorn is convinced that she is Annabelle and comes to steal her soul.

dakota lawrence
Chunky is deathly afraid of Freddy Krueger and the Freddy glove I have.

Tara Burch
My parrot is afraid of brown towels and only brown towels (yes, he can see the colors, he doesn’t care about the other colors). ‍♀️

Sandra Moore
Freckles, my cocker spaniel hates the paper shredder. He tries to rescue the paper as the shredder eats it.

Diana Dee Dee Lynn Jenkins
Our German Shepherd Karma freaks out if I grab a garbage bag. It’s crazy.

amanda weide
At first, for our girl Skye, it was rabbits. Yes, a 100-pound dog was afraid of a little bunny. Now for Skye and Nova, it’s chickens. My 3 children, Peanut, Boss and Rocky. They are just afraid of me.

Stephanie Hayes
Literally everything. Obi freaks out with his own tail if he hits something (like a piece of furniture that has been there his whole life). He is pitiful.

deborah kelly cone
Roxy hates a hair dryer.

The damn mop… really?

meagan rougeou henry
Water running. My black lab thinks someone is about to kill her if she is near her.

Dawn Ponder Godfrey
Laundry basket and it’s a rottweiler

Patrick Gallagher
Our husky hates fart noises.

beka g wright
Removing tape from a tape dispenser‍♀️. I have had my 10 pound pup since he was 9 months old…. I have no idea who hit her with the tape, but the girl is still terrified of that mean Scotch tape.

robert j wright
suitcases They knew I was leaving and it is possible that they will not come.

Cory Harrington
We had a Pittie who was terrified of milk jugs.

bubba toney
Lola gets scared and attacks the TV when an animal is on

marjorie kay morning
Our huge chocolate labrador is afraid of watermelons!

Linda Smith
Sunni is afraid of the bowls the water is in… try to get her to drink water… afraid of some windows… fly swatters are a real fear for her… she doesn’t like to go to the kitchen because of the sounds the refrigerator makes… the drain in the bathtub… my list could go on and on… I love my special needs girl… and storms are the worst…

kathleen tingle
Stella my cat is terrified of grocery bags if you shake them lol

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