How to buy Bitcoin (BTC) without fees?

Interested in buying Bitcoin, but discouraged by the high fees associated with purchasing this cryptocurrency? Rest assured, there are ways to buy Bitcoin at no cost. Let’s explore the different options available to buy Bitcoin with no fees or to reduce the fees for such an investment.

What is the way to buy bitcoin without fees?

Purchasing Bitcoin (BTC) may sometimes incur additional feesCommissions earned by the platforms themselves or payment service providers.

In fact, the fees associated with buying Bitcoin can vary widely depending on the payment methods and platforms used. Credit card fees can be highAnd Often it reaches 3 to 4% of the total transaction amountwhich may deter many buyers.

but, There are ways to buy bitcoin without having to pay fees It involves the use of bank transfer as a method of payment.

Below are some of the platforms that allow it under certain conditions Buy bitcoin for free By bank transfer.

Where to buy bitcoin without fees?

The following table quickly summarizes some of the cryptocurrency platforms where you can buy bitcoin for free:

Below are more details about these platforms and the requirements to take advantage of a no-fee Bitcoin purchase.

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Created in 2019, ZenGo is a digital wallet that offers a variety of cryptocurrency-related services Such as buying, selling, safe warehousing and warehousing. More than just a simple crypto wallet, ZenGo also allows interaction with decentralized finance (DeFi) and its multiple protocols.

Where ZenGo really stands out is its usability Secure multiparty computing (MPC). This technology, which was previously intended for institutions, ensures highly secure storage of cryptocurrencies in the wallet.

currently, New ZenGo users can buy up to $200 worth of Bitcoin (and any other cryptocurrency) Without expenses Using any available payment method, even a bank card. This offer is only available for purchases made through the ZenGo mobile app, and can be downloaded on iOS and Android.

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Mount Pelerin

Mt Pelerin is a platform that offers a simple and completely transparent solution for buying cryptocurrencies. Based in Switzerland, this company is regulated and does not require identity verification (KYC) to access its services, at least up to a certain amount.

The main feature of Mount Pelerin lies in the fact that The platform does not charge any fees for buying bitcoins and cryptocurrencies up to CHF 500 (or equivalent) per year.

This limit can be extended to CHF 5,000 (or equivalent) per year by holding 50 MPS (platform token), or up to CHF 50,000 (or equivalent) per year by holding 500 MPS.

This offer is only available by bank transfer payment And the euro is acceptable, of course.

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platform regulated in France and holds the PSAN registration issued by AMF, allows you to deposit Euros with no fees via bank transfer. However, unlike the solutions presented below, this possibility is less intuitive. In fact, only accepts transfers of at least $100.

Also note that does not charge fees for USD deposits, But your bank may charge a processing fee if you send Euros to

So, It is best to use to deposit Euros if you have a Revolut or N26 card For example, because they do not charge a fee for currency conversion.

immediately afterwards, offers its new users to buy Bitcoin for free for 30 days after the registration date. So buying Bitcoin for free with is limited in time, but not in the amount you want to invest.

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