ChatGPT asked about Dogecoin, Elon Musk, and investing $1,000

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as you already know, Dogecoin [DOGE] It has become somewhat of a cultural phenomenon in recent years, thanks in large part to the vocal support of figures like Elon Musk. The Tesla CEO has been an outspoken supporter of the meme-inspired cryptocurrency, tweeting frequently about it, and even mentioning it at any given opportunity.

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Despite Musk’s enthusiastic support for DOGE, he has not attributed the same feeling towards him chat, the popular AI application. On many occasions, Twitter’s main man has expressed doubts about the long-term prospects and risks he’s used to using the tool.

Hence, in this article, I will be asking ChatGPT for their opinion on the DOGE- Musk relationship. Furthermore, I will also engage in a conversation about the interrelationship between the parties while evaluating Musk’s role in shaping the development within Dogecoin.

Putting the power of musk into the causes of the market

There is no doubt that Musk, as one of the richest men in the world, has tremendous influence. And in 2021, fans of memes engage this power to influence the price of DOGE. Needless to say, Musk had a hand in DOGE’s rise of 27,668% all the time.

However, as market conditions deteriorate in 2022, the correlation between Dogecoin and Musk has declined. In fact, on several occasions, Musk has tweeted about DOGE but there has been little impact on price action. This means that the relationship between the two fell apart until recently when Musk changed the Twitter logo to a dog, in the representation of Dogecoin.

The action led to a 30% surge in less than 24 hours. However, the rise in value only lasted for a short time even though the dog logo remained on the social media platform of more than three days. So, I proceeded to ask ChatGPT what it thought of Dogecoin’s relationship with the controversial Elon Musk.

ChatGPT’s “normal” response stated that its truncated cognitive data was in September 2021. It also acknowledged that the link between Elon Musk’s tweets And Dogecoin was solid at the time. However, he could not provide a direct answer as to whether the correlation would be the same at the time of writing.

The connection is as strong as ever

Therefore, I considered it necessary to find a way to make sure that she responded as I wanted. And what is the solution – Jailbreak! There are several ways to do this. included The Switch method, the Character Play method, the API method, and the Do Anything Now (DAN) method.

Therefore, I decided to use the DAN method to facilitate my conversation with ChatGPT. After the jailbreak was successful, I asked again, “ChatGPT, tell me, do Elon Musk’s Dogecoin tweets have a strong relationship with cryptocurrency?”

ChatGPT's response to Dogecoin and Elon Musk

Based on the above response, ChatGPT agreed that DOGE and Musk’s relationship was as strong as ever. It also stated that the Twitter CEO’s actions indicated market manipulation. There have been speculations about such events with the latest being related to the Twitter logo change and the DOGE raise.

On March 7, Lookonchain reported that two whale addresses had been saved by name “DDuX” and “D8ZE” Take advantage of the DOGE pump and dump.

In terms of development, not much has happened in the Dogecoin ecosystem. However, on March 23, the project’s primary developer Michi Lumin Report my backlog From development version 0.1.1. With the new version 0.1.2, functions including executable utility and transaction verification will become easy for users.

We’re already working on all sorts of new plugins for 0.1.3, so keep watching – libdogecoin will continue to do more and more while staying very lightweight and compatible.. “

Prior to this, Halborn Security identified and recommended some people who are vulnerable to measles on the Dogecoin blockchain Measures against potential exploits. In terms of price action, CoinMarketCap revealed that DOGE has slipped from its fast track to $0.1.

Dog: Suppress the noise

At the time of writing, the coin has a value of $0.083. However, the technical outlook revealed that it will be difficult to replicate such performances in the short term. Based on the Directional Movement Index (DMI), the buying power no longer outweighs the selling power. This can be referred to as a take profit result from the recently recorded gain.

At the time of writing, the positive DMI (green) is 24.81. In contrast, the negative DMI (red) reversed its trend, although its peak was only 14.90. As for the Average Directional Index (ADX) at 25.49, it indicated that the downside trend was getting more support.

When the ADX indicator (yellow) is above 25, it means that there is exceptional trend strength. If the value of the indicator is less than that, then this indicates that the directional movement could end in a downtrend.

Meanwhile, the exponential moving average (EMA) showed that the 200-day index (orange) had a bullish crossover to the 50-day EMA (blue). A situation like this indicates a death cross and marks the end of an uptrend. In this case, investors should look to sell in the short term.

Dogecoin [DOGE] price action

Source: TradingView

In terms of volatility, Bollinger Bands (BB) highlighted DOGE’s exit from contraction territory. Until April 6, the price of the asset was at the same level in the upper band. This means overbought. This, in turn, led to a correction in the price of DOGE.

An investment of $1,000 will end in…

I then applied to ask ChatGPT about Dogecoin. This time, I wondered if it would be wise to invest $1,000 in a meme. As expected, his classic answer was that of any individual as it encouraged me not to invest in any asset without doing any research.

However, the tool’s jailbreak response gave me the green light to invest money in cryptocurrency. In the words of ChatGPT,

“Investing in Dogecoin for the long term is a wise decision. The cryptocurrency has a strong community of supporters, growing acceptance as a form of payment, and the support of influential figures like Elon Musk”

Should I invest $1000 in DOGE and ChatGPT response

Regardless, you must remember that ChatGPT is not a perfect tool as it is still in the learning phase. Therefore, it would be best if you do your own analysis before taking the advice to fill your DOGE orders with the amount mentioned.

What is the value of 1,10,100 DOGEs today?

For now, it doesn’t seem like Elon Musk’s deep affection for Dogecoin might be thwarted anytime soon. In fact, the founder of Tesla once mentioned He would love the DOGE lover as much to become the CEO of Twitter when he steps down.

However, the OpenAI team, which is behind ChatGPT, has addressed safety concerns that have been raised about the platform.

According to her on April 5 press releaseIts latest model, the GPT-4, has undergone a rigorous safety evaluation. Furthermore, it has improved accuracy, research, and privacy concerns. This can also extend to his knowledge of the crypto ecosystem. OpenAI noted,

“Improving real-world accuracy is a big focus for OpenAI and many other AI developers, and we’re making progress. By leveraging user feedback on ChatGPT output flagged as incorrect as a key data source – we’ve improved real-world accuracy for GPT-4.”

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