In Web3.0, NFTs can help provide digital identity to different parties: Zeeve’s Ravi Chamria

The decentralized landscape seems to depend on how Web3.0 applications affect non-fungible tokens (NFTs). According to Grand View Research, a market research and advisory firm, the global Web3.0 blockchain market is expected to register a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 47.1% between 2023-30. It is believed that the growth in the popularity of digital … Read more

How to make the best use of Blockchain technology in data management – Cryptopolitan

Blockchain technology is a revolutionary invention that has the potential to transform a wide range of industries, including data management. Its association with cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, has expanded its benefits far beyond this use case. Data management can be made more efficient with the help of blockchain technology, in addition to producing higher quality … Read more

The future of employment is here and it is powered by the blockchain

Technology is growing at a fast pace. In the past decade, we have seen the rise of artificial intelligence, more conversations and initiatives towards a greener climate, better electoral systems, and many other initiatives. However, the technology that has seen the biggest impact is blockchain technology. Introduced informally through the Bitcoin network, the decentralized ledger … Read more

difficulty and hash to new ATH

Bitcoin (BTC) mining difficulty has risen for the fourth time in a row, reaching a new all-time high. The hash rate of the network also continues to reach all-time highs. This is how bitcoin miners are currently seeing their income increase. Bitcoin (BTC) Mining Difficulty Increasing Yesterday, bitcoin mining difficulty increased by 2.23% to a … Read more

Launching a platform for Bitcoin Ordinales creators

Source: Twitter / Magic Eden Since its launch in January 2023, the arrangement There is a huge demand and many platforms are trying to control it. Such is the case of Magic Eden, a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, which announced the launch of a creation platform for Ordinals. Platform for creating hierarchies on the bitcoin … Read more

How to dramatically reduce blockchain development schedules for faster time-to-market and lower costs

Despite its huge popularity and usefulness, blockchain has been a challenging experience for many organizations, and countless organizations have discovered – the hard way – how adding blockchain to applications can blow up schedules and spoil time-to-market plans. Building a blockchain application from scratch is one of the most difficult software development challenges, as it … Read more

Bitcoin: the cryptocurrency to take full advantage of true monetary sovereignty

Today’s article will be devoted to this asset, which causes a lot of ink to flow. Unconditionally loved by some, denounced by others as mere speculative bubble, and bitcoin Not finished talking about it. But the current periodgeopolitically or economically, leads to interest in alternative assets which he represents wonderfully. If you are already convinced … Read more